Digital Citizenship

In order to enjoy access to the many computer resources at Bowness:

  1. All new students to Bowness are required to complete an agreement form called the Acceptable Use Policy for Networked Information Resources (AUP). The signatures of student and parent are mandatory for this document, and are kept on file for as long as the student remains at Bowness.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop/technology. Although not a complete list, the following items promote and support responsible digital citizenship:

  1. No gaming whatsoever unless for educational purposes under supervision and with consent of a teacher.
  2. Students must not download and/or install programs or other applications on school computers.
  3. Students are not to tamper with either hardware or computer settings.
  4. Students are allowed to use personal memory storage devices, but they must ensure that they keep their passwords secure and personal. No student is to log in and allow another access to their account, nor shall another student use an account that is not theirs.
  5. Any attempt to engage in hacking, cracking, password stealing, accessing secure network areas or other actions which compromise the school or CBE network is a serious matter, and will result in severe consequences.
  6. Students are not to visit websites that are of an inappropriate nature for school use.
  7. Students are not to post personal information, pictures, videos or commentary about themselves or other CBE students and staff. All violations of the guidelines in the above will be documented and kept on record. Consequences will depend on the nature of the offence but could include, in order of severity: supervised internet access only, temporary suspension of school network privileges, long-term expulsion from the network, and the subsequent removal from courses that require internet access, suspension from school, expulsion from school or even possible legal action.

Computer Resources

Students can access computers before and after school, during Flex, at lunch, or during a spare provided a class has not booked them. All computers come with a large range of software applications as well as high speed internet. Students can also use their own devices to access CBE Wi-Fi at BHS.

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​​​Digital Citizenship at the CBE

Digital citizenship is about using technology and participating in digital environments. It is key to helping our students learn to use available technology responsibly in the classroom and beyond. Our school has a Digital Citizenship Plan that is updated annually, addressing how we work to build a community where we live and work together as digital citizens.

Visit the CBE website to learn more about how we support students to develop online safety skills and be good digital citizens.​​​