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This section is intended to help students plan for the cost of their post-secondary learning. Great effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained, however changes do occur to the information on a regular basis. All information must be verified by the student applying for the scholarship. Bowness High School expressly denies responsibility or liability to any person who may be adversely affected by unintentional/ unavoidable errors, and changes.

This information is designed to be helpful, but it is not a complete listing of all scholarships that are available. Students are encouraged to do their own research for other scholarships.

Students can contact their guidance counsellor in the Student Services office for more post-secondary planning information. 

There are literally millions of dollars and hundreds of scholarships available to students. For most scholarships, you will be competing with other students. For many, however, you can be awarded free money just by applying. Applying for scholarships may seem like hard work, but the rewards can be very profitable and you don't need perfect grades to be successful. Think of it this way: if you spend two hours completing an application, and earn a scholarship worth $500, that's the equivalent of a wage of $250 per hour!

The selection criteria vary greatly for specific scholarships, but will usually emphasize one or more of the following items:

  • Academic Achievement: The grades you earn at school are important, and will be considered. They need not be exceptionally high. Most scholarships will specify a particular minimum average in selected courses. Often "excellence" is the focus, especially when applying for some of the prestigious awards at universities.
  • Financial Need: Being able to demonstrate financial need, within your family or circumstances, will qualify you for many awards. Usually you will have to provide confidential financial information.
  • Citizenship: You may be asked to describe the activities you have been involved in that help make your school and your community a better place to live in. e.g., sports, music, fine arts, volunteering, church, committees, etcetera.
  • Leadership: In what ways have you demonstrated your leadership abilities?


Scholarship: Award given primarily on the basis of academic achievement.

Bursary: Award given primarily on the basis of financial need. Satisfactory academic achievement may also be required. The criteria may include community work, athletics, memberships, disabilities, or cultural background.

Award: A prize, earned through a variety of criteria. It could be a financial award, trophy, or medal, etcetera.
Nomination: Many awards require that you are nominated by your school, a teacher, a coach or instructor, etcetera. They bring your name forward to be considered for the award.

Reference Letter: Many applications require that you include letters of reference from qualified individuals who know you, and can vouch for your specific qualities that meet the scholarship criteria. These are usually presented in a sealed & signed envelope.

Essay: Many applications require that you submit an original essay on a particular topic, often related to the criteria of the award.

Post-secondary Programs: How will you use the money awarded to you? Most programs taken after high school will qualify, e.g., Universities, Colleges, Technical Institutes, Training Programs, Apprenticeship Programs, Upgrading Programs, ESL Upgrading, etcetera.

Award Sponsors: Who provides the award? They are usually sponsored by the Government, Private and Corporate Sponsors, the Calgary Board of Education, and Post-Secondary Institutes as listed above. Your parents may also have access to certain scholarships that their employers may offer.

Transcripts: Many scholarships and awards will require that you attach a transcript of your high school grades to your application. You may obtain "unofficial" transcripts from the Student Services Office at Bowness High School. "Official" Government of Alberta transcripts are obtained at a cost of $10 each and can be ordered online at MyPass
Students are required to set up an account with myPass to obtain their diploma exam results, order transcripts, etcetera.

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