Our Staff

Mr. R. Stein | Principal
Ms. S. Sidhu | Assistant Principal
Mrs. K. Pimentel Coelho | Administrative Secretary 

Grade / SubjectTeacher
KindergartenMrs. H. Groves (hkgroves@cbe.ab.ca )  
Mrs. L. Denton (ledenton@cbe.ab.ca )
Mrs. L. Brown (lcbrown@cbe.ab.ca
Grade 1Ms. M. Thomas (MSThomas@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. J. Hawthorne (jlhawthorne@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. A. Hu (axhu@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. J. Nichol   (jknichol@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. J. Ross (jaross@cbe.ab.ca)
Grade 2 Ms. N. Pernitsky (nipernitsky@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. M. Wagner (mdpeters@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. S. Torstensen (STORSTENSEN@cbe.ab.ca)
Ms. R. Newman (ranewman@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. G. Ngai (gmngai@cbe.ab.ca )
Grade 3Mrs. K. Venhuis (klvenhuis@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. K. Bishop (klkahutbishop@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. T. Ceklic (TACeklic@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. M. Weaver (mmweaver@cbe.ab.ca)
Grade 4Mr. C. Stainsby (cestainsby@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. J. Heinz (jrheinz@cbe.ab.ca)
Mr. S. Bielevelt (SKBIELEVELT@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. R. Dewsbury (redewsbury@cbe.ab.ca)
Grade 5Mr. J. Neilson (JDNEILSON@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. M. O'Neil (maoneil@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. A. Ghosh (AJSMELTZER@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. S. Knitter (sjknitter@cbe.ab.ca)
Grade 6 
Mrs. C. Hammer (cmhammer@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. K. Riel (ksriel@cbe.ab.ca)
Mr. M. Christie (mtchristie@cbe.ab.ca)
Mrs. L. Quinlan (lequinlan@cbe.ab.ca)
Music SpecialistMrs. R. Harms ( RMHarms@cbe.ab.ca)
Phys. Ed. SpecialistMs. A. Levine (allevine@cbe.ab.ca)
Learning LeadersMrs. L. Denton
Mrs. S. Gualtieri
Mrs. A. Hu
Mrs. T. Saunders

Support Staff
School Secretary

School Assistant
Mrs. C. Reiter

Mrs. J. Lilly
Library AssistantMrs. K. Lum
Education AssistantsMrs. J. Hebert
Lunchroom SupervisorsMrs. M. Kaur  (Lead Lunchroom Supervisor)
Mrs. T. Carey
Mrs. J. Lilly
Ms. S. Elwood
Mrs. A. Rizwan
Mrs. A. Jama
Ms. H. Mujeeb
Mrs. C. Chretien
Mrs. Y. Southam
Mrs. S. Quraishi
Mrs. D. Ajayumar
Mrs. G. Narula
Mrs. E. Hu

Facility OperatorMrs. A. Zhao
CleanersMr. Tam, Mr. Ogbazghi, Mr. Mohamed

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RT @tuscany_cbe: Setting up our display at @yyCBEdu Education Centre which illustrates our journey of ahsokiniksii (to be wisely aware & to notice deeply) & ohkakiiyosit (when knowledge branches out). Ss created land-art to demonstrate their learning. #landbasedlearning @Indigenous_cbe @CbeArea1 https://t.co/OdJ4MvEXpg

There are no classes for CBE students on Friday, Sept. 23 because it’s a system-wide non-instructional day. Have a fun, safe long weekend! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/kJIWeVbOFn

RT @cranston_school: Grade threes are building their knowledge of the Holistic Lifelong Learning Framework! #wearecbe @Indigenous_cbe https://t.co/2U2iaLHG4c

RT @CPCobras: Oki O’ko! Today is the first day of autumn, also known as the fall equinox. The sun and moon will share the sky equally today. What are some signs that nature provides us to signal the change in season? #okioko #WeAreCBE https://t.co/S5pEvaGAa8

RT @cmhsrams: The body has left for @CrescentCowboys to begin the electrical car building partnership between schools. It will be returned for the final paint job. #WeAreCBE #ProudToBeCBE https://t.co/Q4Mn5IZBxu