Jun 26
April/May 2019

Spring has sprung!  I trust spring break gave opportunity for all to connect with family and friends.  There are three months of school to the end of June and I hope they prove to be as productive as can be.  As always, I draw your attention to the following.


·         A huge thank you to our Parent Council / Society members for putting on our community engagement ‘Carnival’ event in February.  As always, we appreciate their financial support of enhancing our opportunities for students at the school level. Without their dedication and commitment to shepherding these events and fundraising for resources, student success and community engagement at our school would not be what it is.  To all who contributed to this endeavours, my hat goes off to you all!

·         We are once again reviewing student numbers and the resulting staffing scenarios for next year.   It is very important that we know of any students who have decided or who are making plans to not attend Brentwood School in 2019/2020.  If you have not yet conveyed that information to us from the letter sent home, please call our main office at 777-6103 ext. 0 and connect with our office staff with these updates.

·         Our school development plan is in the making for 2019/20 and will continue to have a focus of moving student learning towards using strong skill-based learning practice in combination with ‘concept-based’ instruction that promote higher order thinking and problem solving skills.

·         We would like to acknowledge and thank one of our lunchroom supervisors, Ms. O’Shaughnessy, for her dedication and hard work in our lunchroom program.  She has recently attained another position at another school.  We wish her well in all of her future endeavours.  At the same time we would like to welcome Ms. Knoop who will be taking over that position as of April 1, 2019.

·         Congratulations goes out to our Kindergarten, Grade 1 and 3 students and staff for putting on a fine exhibition of ‘drumming and song’ from around the world in March.  Their hard work and dedication proved once again to be nothing less than the best for the excellent performances for parents.

·         Last but certainly not least, thank you to all who participated in our latest student involved conferences to see firsthand how students are learning to apply their skills and knowledge in critical thinking application.  It is encouraging to see how students are better able to apply themselves in many authentic tasks, putting their skills to use to answer real world questions.  Bravo Brentwood students!



Tim Michayluk



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