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October/November 2019

Although winter seems to have snuck up early on us again this year, I am hopeful that we will have some nicer days in October! 


As always, the month of October brings with it the many beautiful colours of fall indicating change is on the horizon.  The world and change is always on the agenda at Brentwood School and with that comes plenty of activities at the school level that deserve recognition.


·         Congratulations goes out to our school community for raising another substantial amount of money for the Terry Fox foundation in our never ending quest to bring change and success in the fight against cancer.  Our goal of $6000 was exceeded and to date we have raised just over $7400!

·         Like grade 1 students from last year, our current Grade 5 students have been accepted into another Open Minds program off campus.  This year our grade 5s will be participating in studying and inventing change in a program called ‘Design the Shift.’  In short, students will experience and use the processes and mindsets of ‘design thinking’ - to imagine possibilities while engaging in authentic tasks and making their learning more visible.  Students will dwell in a space of ambiguity, take risks, and see connections between concepts, ideas, and disciplines.  I know our grade 5 students are very excited about this opportunity for learning in our ever changing world.

·         As our world continues to evolve and be in constant change, students need to be better able to deal with the stress that can come into their lives.  To support student’s mental health and well being, we will be initiating a new connecting program to our character education component.  The program is called ‘Mind Up’ and will be taught on a regular basis by all teachers at all grade levels.  The premise of the program is designed to create strategies for helping students focus their attention, improve their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress, and develop a positive mind-set in both school and life.  We will be sharing ‘What’s Up in Mind Up?’ on the bulletin board outside the main office.  Be sure to check in, both with information on the bulletin board as well as with your child, as to what they have learned about themselves!

·         Last, but certainly not least, change is on the horizon for Mrs. Peers, currently one of our grade 4 teachers.  She has decided to retire from the teaching profession at the end of October 2019.  On behalf of all students, staff and parents, I would like to thank Mrs. Peers for her dedication to the staff, students, and parents of Brentwood School as well as the teaching profession at various other schools during her tenure with the CBE.  We wish her all the best in her retirement.





Student Agendas are on the way!

Thank you for your patience as we await the arrival of the 2019-20 student agendas.  As soon as they arrive, we will put them in the hands of teachers and students to maintain our current method of communication.  In the meantime, we will continue the temporary use of copied agenda pages.  We apologize for this inconvenience.


Next Parent/ Teacher Conference

The staff at Brentwood School is looking forward to working with you throughout the year to make learning a positive experience for everyone in our community.  Next conference dates are November 21st and November 22nd. Connecting with your teacher is imperative for your child’s education.  Please be sure to book an appointment!



Picture Day Reminder!

Student pictures will be taken on Monday, October 7th. Students in the TLC program must wear their formal uniforms.





No School Days for 2019-2020

Please note these dates are also in the student planners.


October 11

Non Instructional Day No School for Students

October 14

Thanksgiving Day – No School

November 1

System Professional Day – No School for Students

November 11

Remembrance Day – No School

November 21

No School for Kindergarten Students (AM/PM)

November 22

P/T Conferences– No School for Students

December 20

System Professional Day – No School for Students

December 23 – January 3

Schools closed – Winter Break

January 6

Non-Instructional Day-No School for Students

January 31

Non-Instructional Day-No School for Students

February 12

System Professional Day – No School for Students

February 13-14

Teachers Convention – No School for Students

February 17

Alberta Family Day – No School

March 19

Student Led Conferences – No classes for K students only

March 20

Student Led Conferences – No classes for students

March 23 - 27

Spring Break

April 10

Good Friday-School Closed

April 13

System Professional Day – No School for Students

May 15

System Professional Day – No School for Students

May 18

Victoria Day-No School

June 29

Organizational Day - No School for Students

June 30

Appeals Day – no classes for students


Pumpkinella and Halloween Events!

Our much anticipated annual Pumpkinella event is scheduled for Thursday, October 31st in the main gymnasium. Families are encouraged to carve a jack-o-lantern for this exciting event. If you choose to carve a LARGE family pumpkin please deliver it to the school Thursday morning.  If your child rides the bus they may choose to carve a SMALL pumpkin and carry it with them to and from school on the bus.  Jack-o-lanterns need to be picked up at the end of the day on Thursday. Pumpkins not picked up by 4:00 will be transported to the neighborhood LEAF and Pumpkin Drop off by a volunteer. Volunteers set up a display of these jack-o-lanterns with lights and children enjoy parading through the gym looking at the wonderful creations to the accompaniment of spooky music. Thank you for making this such a special event for students and making it an eco-friendly activity as well.


Halloween/Classroom Festivities

On Thursday, October 31st we will celebrate Halloween with special festivities throughout the school.  We would ask that our students come in casual dress, rather than their uniforms, as it will facilitate an easier change into costumes in the afternoon. As you prepare for Halloween, we would ask you to make appropriate selections with your child that do not include weapons of any kind, depicting injuries, or may be disturbing or confusing to children.


Kindergarten: Please send Kindergarten children to school already dressed in their Halloween costumes (both morning and afternoon classes).  Children in the morning classes may have a short parade through the hallways, offices and some classrooms before returning to their classrooms for the special activities their teachers will have planned.


Grades 1 to 5:  Please send children to school in their regular ‘casual’ clothes in the morning.  Costumes may be sent in backpacks or special bags or parents may want to bring them to school (depending on how elaborate and/or bulky the costume is!) Students will change into their costumes after their lunch on Thursday. Each teacher will arrange celebration activities for the afternoon that are appropriate for the age and abilities of their students and will let parents know if treats and/or volunteers are required.


Extended Holidays Protocol

We are amazed by the number of our students who will be extending their holidays with vacations and trips.  Parents have been diligent about informing their children’s teachers and completing the tracking paper form. Please be reminded that if these absences are for a period of 15 instructional days or more you will be required to meet with administration and the teacher to setup a plan for curriculum coverage. However, we hope that these are opportunities and experiences that enrich our students’ lives and that where possible students attend to their studies by keeping up on the homework posted on D2L. 


Terry Fox Run

On Wednesday, Sept. 25th we participated in our annual Terry Fox Run.  Teachers reviewed the significance of donating to cancer research with students before hand.  After participating in Terry Fox Runs for 20 years, Brentwood School again collected just over $7400 to cancer research for this year – Bravo!! Students were invited to donate at least a toonie to our fundraising efforts and in exchange they could dress in casual clothing.  The run was a great success once again.


Orange Shirt Day

On September 30th, 2019, our school participated in Orange Shirt Day. Orange Shirt Day was a day in which schools across Canada recognized, and taught about the residential schools that occurred between 1931 and 1996. As this is a sensitive topic, the events of these schools are carefully discussed in an age and grade appropriate way.

We hope you took a few minutes on September 30th to talk with your child about what they learned, the stories they may have read, and how this day was important. If you did not yet have that discussion and would like to learn more about Orange Shirt Day, please visit www.orangeshirtday.org.


Remembrance Day Assembly

This year our Remembrance Day Assembly will be held on Friday, November 8th  around 10:45 am. WE REQUIRE ALL STUDENTS TO WEAR THEIR FORMAL UNIFORMS ON THIS DAY. Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Air and/or Sea Cadets, Cubs, Brownies, Sparks, and any other service organizations are invited to wear their organization’s uniform to be part of a Color Guard. Poppies are made available from the Royal Canadian Legion and students may wish to make a donation for their Poppy on November 8th. Recommended donation is $1.00. As the gymnasium will be to capacity, we unfortunately will not be able to host parents as guests for this event.













Book Fair

In conjunction with our Parent Teacher Conferences, we will be holding a Scholastic Book Fair in the main gym during the November Conferences. Remember all funds raised support the Library and the acquisition of new books for this school year. We will be open for business during the following times:

Thursday, Nov. 21   4:45 - 8:45pm

Friday, Nov. 22  9:00 - 12:00am


Fieldtrip/Activity Fees

These fees will be collected in October/November to support activities that the teachers plan for each homeroom. It is especially appreciated when families go online to pay fees; this allows for greater ease of accounting/tracking fees.


Dressing for the Weather

As we look ahead, we are making plans for colder weather especially around extended periods of time outside like recess and lunch break.  We encourage all of our children to dress appropriately for the weather with warm coats, hats, mitts, boots, scarves and even snow pants.  This will ensure that students are comfortable on days when they are expected to go out for fresh air and exercise.  We know that students will be outside during the course of the day, even if it is only from the bus to the door and dressing warmly is something that must be arranged at home.  Thank you for your support.





Thank you to the many parents who call in their child’s daily absences or lates.  This is a reminder that it is important for you to call in your child’s absence or late as we are accountable for their whereabouts.  The absence line is open 24 hours so if you know your child will be away or late please leave a message prior to 9:00AM.  This will ensure we have a late slip ready for your child upon arrival when they report to the office. This gesture saves our office staff a huge amount of work and is necessary to maintain your child’s safety.


Hug & GO Update

Thank you to the parents who are using our Hug and Go drop off area at the back of the school. We are concerned about child safety when parents park on the other side of the road from the Hug and Go area and send their children across the road.  Children are walking across the road from between parked cars and are very hard to see from the cars driving around the corner. If you park on the opposite street, please take your child by the hand and walk them across the road.

We continue to address some driving challenges on Burgess Drive-cars parked by parents encroaching on the Hug & Go Zone, some U-turns at the corner of the drive and one neighbour requesting observance of their private driveway.  We request that parents review the previous ‘SAFETY OVER CONVENIENCE’ message for the safety of our students and of the neighbourhood.  Also, please use as intended Drop and Go, don’t park! Thank you.



Uniform Reminder

As we move into October, it is a good time to reflect on proper uniforms.  Please remember, students are to wear formal uniforms every Monday and on other special days as noted on the calendars found on our website. Teachers also send reminders in the agenda when students are to wear formal uniforms.  Students are to wear informal uniforms for the rest of the week.  Uniform requirements for both formal and informal days are clearly explained on page 6 of student agendas.  Please note, uniforms should be clean and in good condition.  Another point to note, navy blue tunics are not part of the TLC uniform and should not be worn.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the office. Thank you for your attention to this important part of the TLC program.


School Council News

Fall greetings from Brentwood School Council! We have all survived our first month back at school and now we are deep into our routines and learning.

Our school council Welcome Back Social was a great success in September, and the weather, although cool, was very favourable as parents, students and staff enjoyed a light breakfast with hot coffee and juice.  It was a great opportunity for parents and staff to mingle and start the school year off right. Your school council has also been busy attending volunteer orientations, we are actively recruiting and encouraging new parents to join our council. Please consider attending a monthly meeting, whether you are interested in leading or joining a committee, or simply listening and finding out first-hand what is happening in your child’s school, every parent is welcome.

Our upcoming Pumpkinella will be another big hit for staff and students at Brentwood School. Please be on the lookout for a volunteer request form or send us an email if you are interested in joining our volunteer database. Fun Lunch dates are October 24th and November 14th, please be sure to pre-order for your child on the Healthy Hunger website.  Treat Days are October 30th, November 27th, December 18th.  Please be sure to return the order form that was sent home for pre-ordering to your child’s teacher by October 4th.

And finally our main fundraising opportunity is a Casino. Brentwood School has been once again been assigned a casino by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. The dates for the next Casino will be available for publication in the near future. Please be on the lookout to volunteer for this important event.

Our next School Council meeting will be held Tuesday, October 22nd from 9:30 - 11:00am in the staffroom.  Everyone welcome, come see what we are up to and feel free to share your ideas. 

If you would like more information, please email brentwoodschoolcouncilinfo@gmail.com

Tuesday October 22nd 9:30am School Council Meeting in the staff lounge (all welcome)

Thursday October 31st Pumpkinella (for students during the day - please sign up to volunteer)

Tuesday November 26th 7:00pm School Council Meeting in the library (all welcome)

Please join us on Facebook and twitter. 

  @Brentwood Parents​


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