Sep 09
September 2019

September is here!  We look forward to this year as another one filled with excitement for learning!  We feel refreshed with the completion of our renovations to our learning commons and main office and hope these changes will provide a better learning environment for both students and staff. While we know school start up issues with bussing have caused problems and concerns for our riders and parents, I am confident these matters will be properly addressed and we will be back on track with proper and efficient transportation to and from our school.  With that said, here are several key points to keep in mind as we move into the start of the school year……

·         For those parents wishing to ‘start volunteering’ at Brentwood school for the first time, a volunteer police clearance form (ePIC) must be completed first to start the process.  The quickest method to expedite this is to come into the main office and fill out the ePIC form.  Picture ID is required along with the form.  As well, you must have attended a Brentwood Volunteer Orientation session (this does not have to be done yearly….just once in your volunteering career at Brentwood).  The sessions are being held on September 12 from 11:00 – 11:45 AM and 2:50 – 3:35 PM and September 26 6:00 – 6:45 PM.  PLEASE NOTE – the volunteer registration form that was sent home in you start of school package DOES NOT mean you have clearance for volunteering.  That form is simply a registration form indicating that you already have clearance and will be volunteering for this school year.

·         School fees will be due for bussing and lunch supervision. Class and field trip activity fees will be posted on your Power School account in the very near future.  Please go to MY CBE ACCOUNT on our school website to make direct payment for bussing/lunchroom and ISM fees if you have not done so already.  Our Brentwood fees have been finalized by each grade level and notification will be sent home shortly.

·         Student extended absences greater than 15 days result in students missing critical instruction and curriculum.  It is important and necessary that teachers and administration be informed of these types of absences well in advance as a meeting will be required (as detailed in another section in this newsletter).

·         Attending conferences is critical to keeping abreast of your child(ren)’s educational progress.  We encourage you to make all possible effort to come to this important connecting time with teachers in September.  Parking during P/T conferences is always tricky as our school is surrounded by housing.  We ask that you respect and adhere to the parking signage posted in the neighborhood and be mindful of not parking in people’s driveways or in ways that obstructs the flow of traffic.  Plenty of on street parking is available at the south side in our hug and go area.

·         NEW! – ‘Artist’ residencies shepherded by Sharon Frotowski  in mid November (presentations in December) and Wild Flower Art Centre in later April (presentation in May) will be an exciting opportunity for our students to learn and develop their skills and talents in mixed media art.  More information will be sent home closer to the residency including performance dates so parents can plan to volunteer as well as attend our Artist in Residency evenings.

·         Safety over Convenience!  In previous messages home I have referenced matters when thinking about getting children to school, and how parents and care givers are often choosing convenience over student safety.  Each and every day a number of our students are being put into very dangerous situations by the very same people who love them the most.  Sheer volumes of traffic frequently lead to double parking to load/unload students, unsafe turns and u-turns to find a parking spot, and in some cases students/parents turning to jaywalking to save time.  I ask all to stop and think when getting students to and from school.  Watch for our annual letter home about how to choose safety over convenience to keep our students safe!

·         Fire Drills and Lockdown Practices.   All schools are mandated to have 6 fire drills and 2 lockdown practices during the school year. These drills are done to ensure that everyone in the building knows what to do in case of an emergency. When the fire bell rings all classes move silently out the nearest exit to assemble on the field.  Our first fire drills have been scheduled for the month of September. Please take this opportunity to discuss fire safety with your child. Our first lockdown practice will occur in the very near future as well.  We practice this drill to stay safe in case an intruder were to be in the building. In a lockdown, students gather in secured areas and classrooms and remain quiet until informed the lockdown is over. Students are informed in advance of the first lockdown and fire drill so that they know what to expect. Subsequent drills will be unannounced.  If parents have any questions about these safety drills please contact school administration.

·         School Messenger.  Thank you to all parents/guardians who have registered for School Messenger in order to receive both email and text communication from the school.  If you have still not registered, it is imperative that you do so on the CBE main website page.  Should you require further guidance in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

·         School Calendars can be printed from our School website by going to following link….the month of September has been completed.  Other months will be completed shortly.

·         Leaving Voice Mail Messages…..please note that if you are leaving voice mail messages for your child’s teacher, they may not be retrieved until the end of the day after dismissal; or if there is a substitute teacher, they may not be retrieved until the regular teacher returns. If the message is urgent, please contact the office directly. 

·         Attendance Line…..Parents, please ensure you call the school main office first and foremost at 777-6130 and select Option #1 – Attendance Line to leave a message before 9:00 am if your child is going to be absent or late.  This assists the office staff immensely and is designed for the safety of your children. Your cooperation is appreciated.

·         Requests for students for pick up versus taking the bus…..any last minute notifications less than30 minutes’ prior to the busses leaving may or may not be processed as the last part of the school day in the office is extremely busy.  Please notify us well in advance. Thanks in advance for your consideration!



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