Mar 16
Spring Message

The last 3 months have brought about many learning experiences and opportunities for our students at Brentwood school thanks to the dedication of our teachers, parents, and parent support groups of Brentwood school.

I would like to take the time again to share and bring to the spotlight some of the fantastic things that have happened at Brentwood, and will continue to take place as we work to stay the course through the pandemic…

  • Bravo to our Grade 5 and K/Gr. 1 classes for their excellent online assemblies connected to our MindUP program - purpose, intention, and kindness was reflected in the message presented by Grade 5 while cooperation and friendliness was the topic of choice by our younger Kindergarten/Grade 1 groups.  All three grade levels demonstrated their want and desire for all to do their best in life and show a true understanding of what it means to be a model student who shows compassion, caring, and desire for a world where we all get along and appreciate one another.  Bravo Brentwood! I encourage you to view the up and coming news story ‘What’s up in MindUP?’ on our website ….describing some of the great work taking place in our school through our MindUP Character-Ed program.
  • Our next virtual MindUP assembly will be in April – presented to us by our Grade 4 students with the interesting topic of ‘detachment.’  We will look forward to hearing and understanding more about this!
  • We hope all enjoyed our two other virtual assemblies presented to Brentwood by John Dunn (Ellesmere Island expeditions in the far north) as well as Matt Wilhelm (world renowned BMX trick cyclist).  Both had very interesting messages for our students about what it means to have determination and stamina – no matter what the challenge.  A big thank you to our Parent Fund Raising society for supporting us financially to share these programs with our Brentwood Community.
  • Although the weather was not in our favour with very temperatures, students still had a chance to participate in some ‘winter style’ activities during our winter sports days held on Feb. 8 and 9.  Thank you to staff and students for recreating these experiences to indoor types of events such that the days could still proceed without issue.
  • A huge thank you goes out to our Parent Council and Fundraising Society for their tremendous financial support in the purchase of various learning programs and items, activity-based resources, and essentials for our students and staff over the last few months.  Please be sure to check out the Parent Council page in the next few months to see how they graciously supported our school during these tougher economic times.
  • Students will be able to look forward to the resurgence of ‘treat day’ over the next 4 months.  Communication will be sent home (agenda) and posted to our Brentwood PC Facebook page or PC web page whereby parents can order a ‘popcorn treat’ via the healthy hunger website.  Our first treat day will occur on March 25/26 (for Friday Kindergarten) whereby students will take their treat home at the end of the day to enjoy (so there is no chance of sharing amongst students).  Thank you Parent Council for reinitiating this special opportunity for our school community.
  • We recently held our first ever ‘virtual student-led conferences’ with in-person learners as well traditional interviews with hub learners.  Thank you to all students and parents of in-person learners who took up the challenge of completing work shared ahead of time by teachers.  The opportunity for you to better understand and see how your child is progressing in school is so important.  Hub learners too got the opportunity to discuss and assess their learning with parents and teachers online!
  • As we continue to work through the pandemic, there continues to be a need to remain vigilant and strong in keeping students safe through a variety of protocols.  As a result, plans to host ELEV8 Lacrosse and Alien Inline skating for students at the school are still postponed for this year.  Although we have tried to choose some alternate dates for later in the year, time most likely will not be on our side as these activities are still not possible in current pandemic conditions.  All is not lost however as we will be sure to re-book them for the upcoming year with hopes of being able to engage once again in these great student activities.
  • As you have been made aware in the past, and most recently on this past week-end, COVID continues to be something that we are required to deal with when positive cases are identified within a school.  To that end, I will remind you that if 1 class or more has to turn to quarantine because of a positive case being identified within, they will proceed to online, at home learning via Google Classroom for a required amount of time.  During the timespan of online learning, the teacher in charge of your child's class expects that students will be engaged in learning, attend all virtual classes during scheduled times, and complete all assignments to the best of their ability.  It is important for children to stay in a routine, to continue learning and to stay connected with their school community. Every teacher will have shared a daily online schedule with the following plans in mind. Daily class will run 'similar' to your classroom considering the restrictions that come with online learning versus in-person learning.  Students must check Google Classroom every day to view the schedule posted.  Times will be provided for whole group and small group instruction.  Planned programming that will support student learning will include….
    • Grades K-3: Raz-Kids Reading, a focus on language and mathematics learning outcomes that strengthen the development of literacy and numeracy, the incorporation of science, social studies and wellness (with a focus on mental health), regularly scheduled Google Classroom meetings, suggested Phys. Ed. and Music activities as per Ms. Levine and Ms. Lau, all with an average of five hours of work per student per week.
    • Grades 4-5: Raz-Kids Reading, a focus on language and mathematics learning outcomes that strengthen the development of literacy and numeracy, the incorporation of science, social studies and wellness (with a focus on mental health) curriculum outcomes, regularly scheduled Google Classroom meetings, suggested Phys. Ed. and Music activities as per Ms. Levine and Ms. Lau, all with an average of eight hours of work per student per week.

As we get set to depart for the spring break, I ask you and your families to remain strong in your commitment to staying safe and doing what is in the best interest of all during this pandemic…continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, sanitize whenever possible, and keep social distancing!  The vaccine is here and beginning to work its magic.  The end to this pandemic is in sight…but it will only happen if we remain strong and committed to doing our part for the safety of all until then.

Mr. Michayluk,


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RT @tuscany_cbe: Ms. Batchelor grade 1/2s spent the afternoon in the coulee. They saw a moose! Thank you to our volunteers for participating. #landbasedlearning #WeAreCBE @yyCBEdu @CbeArea1 @Indigenous_cbe #tuscanytogether

RT @Copperfield106: It’s the first day of Truth and Reconciliation Week. Thank you Ms. Sayer for teaching us about smudging and drum making. #WeAreCBE @CBEIndigenous ❤️

This week CBE schools with be participating in lessons and activities such as Orange Shirt Day to recognize Truth and Reconciliation Week from Sept. 27 - Oct. 1. Learn more: Reminder | CBE schools will be closed on Thursday, Sept 30 #WeAreCBE

RT @WilliamreidC: Congratulations Mme Jessica Walsh-Moreau on winning Jack FM Calgary’s Best Teacher! Merci Karli M. for your nomination and your generous donation. Our community is amazing! Personalizing education each student, every day:) #WeAreCBE @JACK969calgary @morningshowmatt @SarahCrosbie

Friday, Sept 24 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures #WeAreCBE