May 27
Principal May/June Message

Strategic Planning for 2021-22.

With every school year that passes, May and June are the time when we analyze what has been done at the school level over the course of the year, and carefully consider what can be maintained as well as what needs some adjusting for the upcoming school year. It is important to note that this year our planning has required extra considerations given our situation with the pandemic over the last year and a bit.

As you may be aware after reviewing information on our website, our staffing models have been re-directed somewhat with new funding formulas within the CBE, resulting in some staff increase / reduction and class size variances as mandated by the CBE.  To that end, I would ask that you read this entire message as to what is on the horizon next year!

Class lists have been analyzed for next year to bring a better balance to each classroom setting. Teachers have spent an entire day during our last organizational day on May 21 to create these settings. Please note that a great deal of time and consideration is put into organizing classes. While our emphasis is on addressing the diverse needs of each child, we are also cognizant of the responsibility we have to organize the school in a way that meets the needs of our entire student population. We will be taking into account a range of factors including a balance of boys and girls, student abilities, learning styles, personalities and overall school organization. Your child's teacher, in consultation with other teachers and administration, will continue to meet to establish the best class placement for each and every student for next year. Please note we do not accept parent requests for teacher-specific student placements in any grade.  Going forward, if you have any information about your child that you believe we may NOT yet know, or that has changed, please put this in writing to the attention of Tim Michayluk, prior to June 14, 2021.

Although our student projections for 2021 - 22 have been posted by CBE as 593, we currently have approximately 637 students registered for next year. We are unsure that number will be sustained as ongoing information continues to come in about students leaving the program for various reasons (moving, discontinuing in TLC, special placements, etc.). Therefore it is imperative that parents let us know if plans are changing for their children next year as soon as possible as it affects our staffing decisions.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 'tentative' class lists are being created and final class list adjustments will be made within the first 7 days of school in September 2021.  Please note that your child will be placed in a classroom with a teacher on the first day of school, Wednesday, September 1, 2021.  Following that placement, teachers will be doing final assessment of class placements and then confirm which class students will be in for the remainder of the school year - on September 10.   It is important to note that decisions of this nature that are made in September are based on final student numbers and other learning factors. Final resource allocations are not determined until September 30, 2019. While it is not preferred, there are circumstances that may still require school reorganization. Once again, any changes will be communicated through our website, newsletters, school-messenger, direct emails or phone calls and/or school council meetings.

Please review our school hour times (they remain the same for 2021-22), very carefully such that you can plan accordingly for the upcoming school year (also listed in this newsletter under School Hours).

School Messenger will continue to be our main vehicle for conveying information home. In 2021-22, we will continue to refrain from using 'paper' notification as much as possible to continue our environmental stewardship. IMPORTANT - Teachers will be moving daily communication to messaging in Google classroom – agenda books will no longer be used for daily communication! If you have not yet signed up for School Messenger (receiving information via email and text), you may register by going this link:

New volunteers at Brentwood next year will be required to attend a 'volunteer orientation' session (in-person or online depending on COVID restrictions) in addition to getting/having a police clearance. This will be about a 45 minute presentation by administration whereby clarification about what the role of a volunteer within Brentwood School is, as well as an appreciation of the importance and necessity that the role of volunteering brings to a school environment. If in-person, there will be two daytime sessions (September 15 - morning/afternoon) as well as one early evening session (September 30 – early evening) offered to accommodate working parent's schedules. Times will be posted on our electronic online calendar in September.

I would end my personal message by saying that there is still a month of school to go to get to our summer break.  A lot could change in that time period.  I will keep parents posted as to any major developments or changes over the course of this time should it be necessary.  In the meantime, I am very hopeful that we can get to June 30 without major issue. If we continue to be vigilant and stay the course in terms of safety and following all pandemic protocols, our summer will be one of the best one we have had in a while.

Mr. Michayluk,




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Friday, Sept 24 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures #WeAreCBE

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