Classes & Departments




Mr. Jeff Lailey

Assistant Principal

Ms. Salwa Amche

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Dan Hoang

Teaching Staff



Ms. Megan McCullough

Grade 1

Ms. Meagan Cavanagh

Grade 2

Ms. Haley Reynolds

Grade 3/4

Mr. Tavish Campbell

Grade 3/4 

Ms. Jordene Templeton

Grade 5/6

Ms. Alex Gilbert

Grade 5/6Ms. Lindsay Zurek


Ms. Annika Nilsson

Ms. Grace Cheung

Ms. Julie Paxman

Fine Arts (Music & Drama)

Ms. Kyria Pires

Physical Education

Ms. Kathleen Bagley

Support Staff


Ms. Samantha Pullen

EES Ed. AssistantsConnie Friesen
Reem Elattar

Lunch Supervisors

Ms. Molly Yee (Lead Lunch)
Ms. Teresa Lim
Ms. Jennifer Patterson
Ms. Tannis Anstey
Ms. Adel Pocha
FacilitiesMr. Ron Kinkaid

Buchanan teachers will be using Google Classroom as their online platform. It enables teachers to communicate with their students as well as assign and distribute assignments and work in a safe, manageable, and an appropriate way.  Online classrooms are designed to celebrate student learning and promote effective communication between school and home.  Please check your child's Google Classroom to find information about upcoming learning.  If a student is away they can login into Google Classroom to complete assignments from home.

Students have been added in the ‘classroom’ using their CBE G Suite ID ( Students should have brought home their password to share with parents. Please login and take a look at your child’s Google Classroom. If you are unable to login please contact your child’s teacher for assistance. 

Ms. Pires


Ms. Bagley


Ms. Samantha Pullen

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