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December 2020

Good morning Buffalo Rubbing Stone families,

At the end of each month, I reflect on the successes of the previous month and I set short-term goals for the upcoming four weeks.  When I look back on November, the Remembrance Day observance stands out.  Our grade five students served well as MCs, all our students worked hard learning to sign the chorus for the song Highway of Heroes and creating beautiful art, some of our students presented In Flanders Fields, and many of our students wrote post cards to veterans thanking them for their service to our country.  Thinking about sacrifice in the context of 2020 made this year's Remembrance Day different than other years'.  I am always deeply grateful for the thoughtful work our teachers do, supporting student understanding of complex concepts.  Another celebration relates directly to the safety and security of everyone in our school.  We have completed the three fire drills and the one lockdown practice required before the end of December.  Our students know how to evacuate the building quickly and quietly.  They know to meet outside at their classroom muster point, regardless of what they were doing before the bell rang.  Similarly, they know how to keep themselves and each other safe in a lockdown.  Three members of the Calgary Police Service supported our lockdown practice last week.  They were very complimentary of how well the staff and students did exactly what was expected of them.  Learning these protocols are important elements of personal responsibility and citizenship.

Our 2019-2020 School Results Report and 2020-2021 School Development Plan are posted on our BRS website in the sidebar of the About Us > Our School tab.  Thank you to the Buffalo Rubbing Stone School Council for consulting on these documents.  They examine where we've been and set the path for where we're going.  The 2019-2020 Report to Parents on Fees is posted in the sidebar of the Registration > Fees tab.  Please direct any questions about these annual reports to Mrs. Bobenic or Mrs. Neufeld.  We are always pleased to discuss the accomplishments and goals of BRS!

One of our School Development Plan (SDP) goals is to increase student confidence and persistence in learning.  Teachers and students are focussing on short-term goal setting and goal achievement strategies because a key factor in building confidence is personal accomplishment.  We encourage all families to think about short-term goals that students can work toward at home and celebrate as a family when achieved.  Goals need to be challenging enough that they are worth pursuing, yet achievable within a short time period… once achieved, it's time for a new goal.  The habit of goal setting and achievement is a big contributor to confidence and persistence!

Thank you to the parents who have been attending our monthly BRS School Council and Parent Association meetings.  We appreciate the opportunity to share the work of the school with you and we value your feedback.  There's no meeting in December; we'll meet again on Thursday, January 21st.  We are very grateful for important conversations about learning at the council meetings and for the financial support of the parent association.  So far this year, the BRSPA has invested more than $22,500 in our students' education to support the following enhancements:  Mathletics, Raz Kids, Starfall, Imagine, classroom math manipulatives, Ozobot robots, and STEAM lab materials.  All our students and staff extend a big THANK YOU to the parents who make this exciting work possible!

We hear a lot about pandemic fatigue in the news.  Adults and children alike may need support for positive mental health and healthy eating.  Please read the story in our newsfeed that focuses on the Social-Emotional Health and Food Support available in the community.  We teach our students that asking for help is a sign of strength.  It's important that adults model seeking and accepting help when it's needed.  There's always an opportunity for the people needing help one day to be the people providing help another day.

Finally, during our last week of school before the winter break, December 14-18, we will celebrate Spirit Week.  There's something exciting each day.  Please go to our BRS online calendar for all the details!

That's all for now.  We'll see you and your children at conferences later this week.  We're excited to share the progress made so far this year.  Conversations between parents, students, and teachers are an important part of the learning process.

Take good care,

Allison E.G. Bobenic



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