Feb 01
February 2021

Good afternoon Buffalo Rubbing Stone families,

The first half of our year has ended.  Report cards will be available on your MyCBE / PowerSchool account on Friday. Please use the online browser, not the mobile app.  There will be access instructions in the Buffalo Bulletin on Thursday.  Report cards summarize each student's achievement so far.  The half-way point of the year is a good time to reflect on where we began, how far we've come, and the work we need to do to achieve our goals by the end of June.  Look for comments about strengths and next steps in learning.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Family Literacy Day.  One hundred-sixteen students commented on the books.  We've been excited to come together as a school community in new ways.  Each of the books connected to the Circle of Courage and the themes of belonging, generosity, independence, and mastery.  One student commented, Home is everywhere, it does not matter where you are, it is about the people you are with!!! We enjoyed listening to Mrs. Neufeld read this story! Thank you!" Another student said, “These stories connect to both generosity and belonging, out of the four major elements in the circle of courage. In the book "Home is a Window," the mother is very generous when helping her daughter clean up broken dishes, to kissing her goodnight. Meanwhile, in the other book "The Scarecrow", the scarecrow generously let the baby crows live in his heart, although his purpose is to scare them away. Not only do these books represent generosity, they represent another crucial part, BELONGING! The first book, (Home is a Window) they represent belonging by having a large feast with special people in their lives, that make them feel like they belong in a loving family. With the other book, (The Scarecrow) the scarecrow himself, specifically shows belonging towards the little baby crows, hiding them from predators and playing from dusk 'til dawn. Friends, even though they are different, making each feel that they belong no matter the circumstances."  Sharing books is such a joy!

This morning we welcomed 22 students returning to in-school learning from the hub. Additionally, over the past few weeks we've welcomed 11 new students to BRS.  We've been reviewing safety protocols in the classrooms and working together to mitigate risk. 

One area over which the staff and I have little control is traffic safety.  It is essential parents choose safety over convenience and set a good example for students.  Recently we have had a few close calls that are very alarming.  Please remember that the school parking lot is reserved for staff only.  Dropping off or picking up students in the staff parking lot is prohibited.  Similarly, stopping or parking in the bus zone or in a crosswalk, or dropping students off in the roadway without parking are all prohibited.  Annually, the Calgary Police Service monitors school traffic.  They work first to educate then to ticket drivers as necessary.  Since we have not yet been monitored, I anticipate we may see police presence soon.  The mornings are especially challenging as our small students can be difficult to see in the dark.  Please make traffic safety a priority to keep all our students safe.

Adjacent to our school property are stormwater ponds.  The City of Calgary reminds us that, “Storm ponds have an important job to do. They protect the community from flooding and clean storm water. Because of rapidly changing water levels and poor water quality, a storm pond should not be used for recreational purposes like wading or skating."  We remind everyone to stay away from the ponds.

As always, we remind all students and families that our weather at this time of year changes quickly and our pathways can be slippery.  Please take extra care and dress for the weather.

Take good care,

Allison E.G. Bobenic



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