Auto Body Courses

There are four course levels with increasing amount of skill development; Explore, Specialized, Credentialed and Auto Body Pre-apprenticeship. In most cases, a student will earn 6 credits at the Explore level and 10 credits in each of the Specialized and Credentialed levels. Auto Body Apprenticeship is only available after the Exploratory and Specialized courses have been completed or with a teacher recommendation.

  • Awareness: To create an appreciation of the auto body industry.
  • Communication: To develop communication skills when relating to customers, employees and employers.
  • Personal Skills: To promote self-esteem, confidence, and automotive experience through skill development in the auto body industry.
  • Applied Technology: To develop proficiency in the use of materials and various tools within a class setting and career technology for employment in an auto body or refinishing shop setting.

A theory component will be included with each module. The mark for that module has a theory percentage included.

1. Explore Level

Students will have the opportunity to grow their knowledge of Auto Body through use of in class theory, direct hands on instruction and experience. Students will be able to complete a selection of the following 10 courses. This course selection is based on the personal learning plan of the student.

HCS 3000:      Workplace Safety Systems 

MEC1015:       Mechanics Tools and Materials 

MEC2010:       Detail 

MEC1160:       Structures and Materials 

MEC1170:       Metal Forming and Finishing 

MEC1165:       Mechanics Welding Fundamentals 

MEC1190:       Surface Preparation 1 

MEC1010:       Modes and Mechanisms 

MEC1020:       Vehicle Service and Care 

MEC1910:       Mech Project A

2. Specialized Level

Students will have the opportunity to work on real customer vehicles while doing course required projects. Theory and hands on skills will continue to provide improvement in Auto Body experience. Students have the following 10 courses to complete. Course selection is based on the personal learning plan of the student.

MEC3010:       Workplace Safety Systems 

MEC3160:       Repair Estimation 

MEC2180:       Trim Replacement 

MEC2220:       Interior Repairs

MEC2020:       Vehicle Maintenance 

MEC3010:       Buying and Selling a Vehicle 

MEC3020:       Appraisal 

MEC2170:       Metal Repair 

MEC2190:       Surface Preparation 2 

MEC2200:       Refinishing 1

3. Credential Level

Students will have the opportunity to work on real customer vehicles. Students can complete a selection of the following 11 courses. Course selection is based on the personal learning plan of the student. 

MEC3170:       Damage Analysis 

MEC3180:       Damage Repair 1 

MEC3190:       Damage Repair 2 

MEC3210:       Plastic and Fibreglass 

MEC3220:       Glass 

MEC3200:       Refinishing 2 

MEC3230:       Refinishing 3 

MEC2210:       Touch Up

MEC2910:       Mech Project B 

MEC2920:       Mech Project C 

MEC2930:       Mech Project D

4. Auto Body Apprenticeship

Students will have the opportunity to work on real customer vehicles and do the requirements for the first year Auto Body Apprenticeship course. Students must have completed the Explore and Specialized pathways before attempting the selection of the following courses:

ABA3900:        Apprenticeship Safety  

ABA3400:        Batteries, Trim and Tools 

ABA3405:        Component Maintenance 

ABA3410:        Substrates 

ABA3415:        Fillers 

ABA3420:        Surface Preparation 

ABA3425:        Masking 

ABA3430:        Undercoating 

ABA3425:        ABA Practicum A 

ABA3440:        ABA Practicum B 

ABA3445:        ABA Practicum C​

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