Jun 30
Summer Wishes

​Dear Cambrian Heights School families, 

As this year comes to a close, I would once again like to extend my sincere appreciation to all staff, students, and families for your ongoing support during a most challenging circumstance. It is only due to the efforts of everyone involved, that we have been able to continue learning from home, and we have worked as a team to support our students in their learning despite the challenges of COVID-19. I can not tell you enough how the kind words, thank you's, and well-wishes you provided to our staff this week have lifted their spirits at the end of this year. Thank you for thinking of us!! I wish you all a restful summer. Be well, try to enjoy the break, and spend time safely with those you care about.

We have one additional staffing update - best wishes and thank you to Bart Kwiatkowski, who has accepted a position at Capitol Hill School for September 2020. Thank you for your contributions, Bart! 

Please continue to consult our website and check your email over the summer for confirmation of return to school scenarios. Those of you new to Cambrian Heights, please take the time to watch the Kindergarten Orientation or Digital School Tours coming soon to our News Section. Our office will be closed over the summer and re-opens on August 27. We will communicate with you our plans for potential school visits at the end of August based on our return to school scenario. There is a great deal of planning underway to ensure we are prepared in any scenario! 

In closing, I would like to share with you all the text of a poem that I read at our virtual Grade 6 farewell, by a young poet, Mattie J Stepanek, from his work, Celebrate Through Heartsongs. It serves to remind us that in challenging times, we rise together by considering what is most important - what really matters. 

Take care, and thank you as always for your continued support!

-Kevin @MrWhitsClass

About Things That Matter

It matters that the world knows

We must celebrate the gift of life

Every day in some way, and

We must always remember

To play after every storm.

It matters that the world knows

All children are truly blessed

With the innocent gifts of gentleness,

Trust, and compassion, which

Should guide the wisdom of grown-ups.


It matters that the world knows

We each have a song in our heart

That can inspire us in good times and

Hard times if we take the time to listen.

It matters that the world knows

Our senses can help us discover

The hidden and non-hidden

Enchantment in life, if we use them fully.

It matters that the world knows

We must choose our words and wants

Carefully, or we could forever hurt others

With these most dangerous weapons.


It matters that the world knows

Strength and value of all things created

Must be measured by character and commitment

Rather than by might and wealth.

It matters that the world knows

We must heed the valuable lessons of

Everyday life, through the celebration of
Children and Heartsongs, sense and words,

Or we could lose in our journey to the future.


It matters that the world knows

A person by my name and being existed

With a strong spirit and an eternal mindset

To become a peacemaker for all,

By sharing the things that really matter.​


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