Personal Belongings

Toys and Electronics 

Please be very cautious about sending toys, games or electronic items to school. There are no secure storage places for these items and when they go missing, a great deal of learning time can be lost looking for them. Students are not allowed to bring any item to school that is a weapon or looks like a weapon. This ban includes all knives, toy guns, water pistols and items that are replicas of real weapons. These will be confiscated and not returned to the student. 

Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, Heelies, & Rollerblades 

Students are allowed to bring bicycles to school. Bicycles are only to be ridden to school and then back home when school is over. Students are expected to walk their bikes once they are on the compound. Please do not send your child and their bike to school without a bike lock. Students should not share locks. The school does not accept responsibility for damaged or stolen bikes. Students must wear helmets, as it is a City of Calgary by-law. Helmets may be brought into the school. Other wheeled items are brought to school with the understanding that there is no secure storage for them inside our school. 

Personal Cell Phones 

If students are carrying cell phones, they are to be turned off during school hours. Students using cell phones during school hours without teacher permission will have their phone confiscated and held for parents to pick up. Every classroom has a telephone for use as directed by the teacher.

Lost and Found

Our lost and found boxes are located near the front door of the school.  All items are gathered and donated to charity twice per year – December and June.

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