Jun 30
June 30

Hello Cappy Smart Families!

Well, it's June 30th and what a year it's been! I can't thank everyone enough for their support of our school and students throughout the year! We truly do have a special community!

I'd like to send a special thanks to the members of our School Council. Your dedication to all things Cappy Smart is incredible and your efforts make such a difference for our school. Thank you!

I have some year end information to share with you today:


- Ms. Woodward was on a temporary contract with us this year covering for Ms. Sibilo's leave. While we will miss her, we are happy to share that next year, she will be teaching just down the road at G.W. Skene. She has been a fabulous member of our staff and we wish her all the best!

- On the note of Ms. Sibilo, we are happy to share that she is planning her return for the beginning of next year and we are excited to have her back with us!

- As previously communicated, Mr. Nyrerod is moving on to be the Assistant Principal at Battalion Park School next year. He has been an incredible partner and leader within Cappy Smart, Area 3 and the CBE over his past 3 years here.  We will miss his dedication, wisdom and sense of humor but also wish him well in his new school. I'm sure it will be a great move for him and Battalion Park School.

- We also have 3 new staff joining us that I am happy to share with you today. Ms. Huxtable will be joining us as a teacher next year and Ms. Shaukat and Ms. Kurta will be joining us in our new EES programs as Education Assistants. We are looking forward to having them join our wonderful community in September.

We have been working through the process to identify a new Assistant Principal. When that process is complete, I will send an email to the community with more information.

Next Year:

- A reminder to ensure that you are watching your email over the summer for information from the CBE regarding plans for return to school. These emails may come at various times but do note that they may not come until closer to the beginning of the school year which is Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

- There has also been a slight update to school bell times and Kindergarten for next year. Due to current enrollment, Kindergarten will operate in the afternoon only at this time. If our kindergarten enrollment increases to what we are expecting it to be in the fall, we will work with families to determine the best way to split into morning and afternoon groupings. Please note the new start and end times for Kindergarten in the link below. We are also making a slight adjustment to our lunch break, moving to 47 minutes from 50. Next year's bell times are available at the bottom of our school calendar on the school website or through the link below: 


- Over the past several years we have had a tradition of mailing letters from teachers to their new students over the summer. However, as we are not sure which scenario the province will ask us to begin the year with, we can not confirm classes at this time and as a result, there will not be a letter in the mail this summer. Rest assured that we have been planning for a variety of scenarios and more will be communicated regarding school entry plans and class organization shortly before school begins. Please let your children know that we have been thinking about them and hope to see them all soon!

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all of our students, parents and staff for an unusual but excellent year. I can think of many examples of kindness, perseverance and dedication to doing our best learning throughout 2019-2020. While the year ended with us all separated physically, do know that our staff think of and work for our families every day and we are looking forward to a fantastic 2020-2021 school year!

Be well and have a great summer!

Mr. Bennett


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