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March 5th, 2022

​Hello CJP families!

Could this be a final Covid Update... 

This week, on Monday, the second mask restriction was lifted in the province. As you have all seen over the past week, many people, perhaps even most, continue to wear masks. At the present time I believe wearing a mask is a good choice, for two reasons. Certainly Covid is still “in the air” and a mask will protect the wearer from germs. Also, as a society and a community, we have become quite accustomed to wearing a mask. It is almost like a security blanket, it makes us feel safe. Sometimes it is the feeling of safety that allows us to feel comfortable, and that is completely fine because we know, a child who feels safe learns best. As restrictions continue to be lifted, here at CJP we are once again embracing the change and learning to pivot. As a community of learners and educators, we have to make some decisions. Therefore, this is likely the first communication related to moving, step by step out of the pandemic and back to our new normal at CJP. I believe we all have a strong desire to move back to “normal”. But, in saying that, I wonder what normal is and what will make us pivot once again as 20/20 hind sight is a very powerful thing. 

As always, I am committed to communication as I believe this is the most important piece when leading such a large and diverse community. We will be thoughtful and cautious in our decisions to move towards what once was considered “normal”.  

There have been many changes to our daily practice with the pandemic. Some things though, have not changed. We will continue to sanitize tables, chairs, and touch points on a very regular basis (many times a day). Hand sanitizer will continue to be available, and students will be encouraged to sanitize or wash their hands often through the day. The Alberta Health Checklist continues to be used for all staff, students, and visitors in the building. We kindly request that all students who are not well stay home, just like our teaching and support team does.  covid-19-information-alberta-health-daily-checklist-updated January 2022.pdf  

Transportation – Students and drivers alike do not need to wear masks any longer. CBE transportation is not aligned with Calgary Transit.  

Cohorts – after Spring Break, we will start relaxing our cohorts.  We know that students are very excited about the opportunity to play with students from other classes when outside, we also know many students are concerned about relaxing cohorts. Likewise, families in our community have very mixed emotions about relaxing cohorts. Teachers will lead class meetings in the following weeks to hear concerns and celebrations from students. Teachers will also use this time to prepare students for new outdoor expectations as we relax cohorting.   

Masking – Mask wearing is no longer mandatory in the CBE. As such, families are welcome to be on the school grounds without masks, volunteers can be in the building without masks, students and staff do not need to wear masks. Currently, a majority of students and staff continue to wear masks in the building. We will support students and staff in whatever their decision is. We are also very aware that decisions are personal and opinions about mask wearing, whether pro or con, are personal and need not enter the conversation. We will respect everyone for the personal decision they make. 

Assemblies – these large gatherings, indoors, continue to raise anxiety and concern among our staff and some students. We will not be moving quickly towards these events. Keeping kids and staff safe is our most prudent approach at this time. As such, we are hopeful to host a grade 6 farewell indoors in June along with an ending of the year assembly. The ending of the year assembly may not include families – that is yet to be determined. If we continue to see the decline in case counts and covid truly becomes a thing of the past, we will revisit this decision and ponder school wide assemblies earlier in the year.  

Classroom Changes – in the weeks to come, teachers will begin to move away from sitting in rows to sitting in table groups. Table groups are much more productive, inclusive and collaborative. We know kids learn better with these seating arrangements.  We will also start re-grouping students in different ways that may include students from other classes.

Lunchroom – we have had several classes eat lunch at lunch tables in the gym in the past. At the present time, we have no plans to move back to eating in the gym. If staffing shortages do occur, we could revert back to this, but, remain hopeful we can remain with all students eating lunch in their classrooms. 

Buddy Classes – this is one of the highlights for all students. For almost 2 years there has been no mixing between grades. We are hopeful to being introducing Buddy Classes after Spring Break. 

Fieldtrips and Year End Celebrations (Sports Day and Movie Day) - Fieldtrips are a go. Teachers may plan trips as they have in the past. This could include trips to a variety of locations in the city or walking fieldtrips to amazing places in our community. Sports Day and Movie Day occur at the end of June. We anticipate these should go ahead. 

We appreciate your understanding and kindness as we move forward with fewer restrictions.

Dr. Bettesworth


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