Oct 19
Coyote Saga Continues at CJP

Good Afternoon CJP Families

Our adventures with the community Coyote continue right where they left off on Friday. Our first sighting was at about 11AM this morning. We have been advised by both Fish and Wildlife and Calgary Police to keep our children inside. This is due to their curiosity and their small stature. Both organizations feel the older students (Simon Fraser and Churchill) , simply because of size, are OK to be outside. 

We have reached out to the City of Calgary, Bylaw Officers, and Calgary Police Service to seek assistance.   Our systems have been a great support in attempting to keep both our children and the coyote safe. The Parks Department contracts out Coyote relocation in the City of Calgary. Interestingly, with the increased pedestrian and dog traffic at Nose Hill park because of Covid, many of the safe habitats these animals use no longer exist, they are being pushed out into the community. 

What can we do?  If you see a coyote in the community, please call 311. It is important that you take note of the time and the location of the coyote for your phone call. It is not necessary to call the school to report the coyote.  The more calls 311 receives, the more responsive the Coyote Team will be. 

If we see a coyote, we will certainly bring students in the building/ keep them in teh building.  We will also call 311. This is the safest protocol. 
Today, only one group of classes received an outside lunch recess. Limited outdoor time is likely in the days to come. Please do send your children dressed appropriately for the weather. We will make every attempt to be outside as often as possible through the day for both breaks and for learning opportunities. Aside from the coyote, being outside continues to be the safest place for all of us. We will continue to take advantage of the outdoors, even when it is cold. 

Thank you for your assistance in this tricky situation.
Dr. Bettesworth

Oct 16
October 16, 2020
Hello CJP Families, 
Since September, teachers have re-organized class lists completely to accommodate cohorts, HUB learningstaff changes. They have re-organized classroom configurations two or three times, depending on the latest regulations from either AHS or CBE.  Teachers are gathering information about their students as learners from parents, and in the relationships, they are gradually re-establishing with the children. They are planning lessons that are aligned with previous work but are still vastly different - activities for learning that require collaboration, interaction or close contact are simply not possible anymore and we are drawing on solitary, independent learning activities that we know, pedagogically, do not necessarily foster the best possible learning opportunities for active children. Learning is happening at a much slower pace than previously, for just about every child. Supports are not available in the same way and it is much more challenging to encourage students to explore their ideas, investigate problems, analyze and synthesize with reduced communication and sharing of ideas. Assessment takes longer too - observations that used to occur while children worked in groups now need to be managed individually.  Planning and preparing for instruction is much more challenging with significantly more constraints as we strive to keep children in seats, at tables, in cohorts, not touching each other or each other's things, wearing masks, keeping distances, washing and sanitizing their hands and drinking water to hydrate - all before we teach a single new idea or concept or practice a new skill. And, it goes without saying, we really miss our volunteers who were ever present throughout the school!! 
The challenges are enormous, daily, frustrating and limiting. There is no other way to describe them. 
But the children!  They come every day with smiles and stories and the deep desire to learn. They are willingly adjusting quickly to routines and schedules they could never have imagined, happy to be back in school and together with their teachers and their peers. They ask - sometimes frequently - to do the very things they know will help them learn - work with a partner, stretch out on the floor, stand up and walk around the room and find someone else who has an idea similar to yours, collaborate on ideas or construction of a prototype or just exchange some ideas - and the answer is always the same - not right now, not yet, not today, maybe soon, no, no, no... Yet they don't get discouraged and they don't give up - they know we are protecting each other in this peaceful community as much as we are protecting ourselves. And because the children continue to give everything their best efforts, teachers are inspired, energized, ready to find new ideas and new ways to ensure these children are never disadvantaged from a learning perspective by COVID-19; that the learners in our school continue to thrive and grow. Every. Single. Day. 
There are tears - frustration causes so many tears! And peals of laughter over the silliest things. Muffled voices that are strained so kids can hear.  There are groans, sometimes, when yet another change is announced to some small routine we thought we had mastered already. Or another restriction we didn't anticipate. And exhaustion reigns supreme - everything is much harder to achieve and there is not a teacher in our school that will relax on expecting the children will get the best learning experiences possible under the circumstances so everyone is working harder than they ever have and it shows in the eyes we have come to know so well just above the masks. There is exhaustion without a doubt. 
The world of teaching is not the same - perhaps it never will be. But the teachers bring their joy, their energy and their vision for success to school each day - their game - and unhesitatingly lean into the work of the day. Whether they are in the building or working from home as part of the Hub online learning experience, every teacher is getting up each day determined to make a difference for their students today. Regardless of tears or laughter or frustration or exhaustion. We are in this together and the example we want to set for our learners is 'we've got this - we are going to get through everything successfully with deep care and connection'.   
Behind the scenes, we are not the educators we studied and planned and worked so hard to be - we are the educators who rise to the occasion, bring the best we've got to a terribly tangled game and always, always help our children believe they are simply the most awesome of all people! 
It is a gift to be a part of Captain John Palliser School, we are grateful to work with such dedicated and talented educators and proud to lead such an extraordinary community! 
Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe ​

Oct 09
October 9, 2020
Dear CJP families,  
As we start our Thanksgiving weekend we’d like to share some words that were offered to us by our system leadership team this week:  
“For school leaders working in these demanding and chaotic circumstances, the pressure is relentless, the options are limited, the sleepless night are frequent. The staff meetings, coffee catch ups and corridor chats with colleagues, that made up a school day, have gone.  
“Parents, students, and teachers now exist in a twilight education world either awaiting the return of normal service or hoping for some new normal that might offer stability, continuity, and reassurance. The stark reality is that neither is likely to occur anytime soon.”  
While these changes may indeed reflect our current reality, the opening of schools has also created a new sense of hope and optimism. Schools have never played a more vital role in helping our society to function and in bringing back the beginnings of stability and normalcy to the lives of our families. The impact this will have on the future of our students and our society as a whole cannot be underestimated.   
We are so thankful that CJP is where we during these challenging times. The parent support, student enthusiasm, and staff comradery are second to none. Seeing as we have been given the challenge of working through a pandemic, there is no other place we’d rather be.  
CJP School Council and Parent Association work tirelessly to support CJP students and activities. We are so thankful for all that they have done, are doing, and will continue to do to support our school. At the end of the month (October 28) we will meet again to elect a new council and say goodbye to former members. Please know that we are thankful for everything that is done to support CJP. From organizing spirit wear, to buying batteries for our robots, from signing up for flip give (NPWP9B) to supplying the phys ed program with more gymnastic equipment, from numerous volunteer hours at home and at school to the thoughtful emails, from the welcoming morning waves from behind the fence to supporting our mobile escapes residency application, know that we are so thankful, for everything. As a CJP parent you are a member of the CJP school council. We are hopeful you will be able to join us at the next meeting. See you then! 
Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, and kind words. We look forward to continuing to work with you and your child throughout this school year.   
Your CJP Admin Team,  
Leanne Bettewsorth and Helen Sharpe  

Oct 02
Oct 2, 2020
​Dear Families, 

We have been back at school for a month! While the month has not been without the stresses of start up and the anxieties of pandemic, if I was asked to reflect upon it, we would suggest we have all managed the month with style, patience and grace.  Thank you for trusting us with your children. Thank you for being diligent about keeping your children home when they are ill. The trust relationship certainly goes both ways. Together we have got this. Next weekend is Thanksgiving, and we have much to be thankful for. 

Thank you to all those families who were able to attend the school council and parent association meetings this week. It was an opportunity to meet up with parents and share more about the year so far. We appreciate all the parental support and look forward to continuing to work together.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Your CJP admin team
​​​​​​​Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe

Sep 25
September 25, 2020
​Dear CJP families 

At CJP, and within the education system we are not medical experts. In regards to Covid-19 we take all of our direction from Alberta Health (AHS).  We are unable to take direction from any one individual or group of people/ parents.  Formal documentation published by AHS is what guides all procedures and protocols related to Covid-19 . While we know our families are an incredible source of information and have extensive backgrounds, skills, and expertise, during this pandemic we are required to rely solely on Alberta Health to guide us. Without a doubt information will change, be updated, become irrelevant etc. Until such time we are formally notified by Alberta Health, we are unable to change our protocols. We realize some of the procedures are putting tremendous stress on our families. We know you value education and want your children to be here learning with us. We want your children here as well and we want to keep our entire community safe. We are happy to welcome all children to school when they are healthy. We will continue to use these two documents to guide us.   

Student Illness 


Alberta Health Daily Checklist 


We are grateful to families for reading these documents and familiarizing themselves with the protocols that guide us. We know it is a very stressful time right now for everyone, there are restrictions being placed upon us constantly.  Many rules established today will change, be updated, or become obsolete before we are even familiar with them.  Thank you for doing your very best to follow these two documents and thank you for continuing to be kind and respectful to our team. We are also doing our very best in these very difficult times. Together we have got this. 

Have a super weekend!

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe

Sep 22
CJP Mid Week Update - Sept 22, 2020

Hello families!

School Council  (HUB families, we look forward to seeing you as well!!!)

First Virtual Meeting of the School Year. 7PM Tuesday September 29.

A link will be sent out on Friday.

7pm with School Council, Parent Association to follow.


Children will always find a way to play

Currently, before and after school, students are bringing personal equipment to play with outside. This equipment is also being enjoyed at recess.  For the most part, this equipment is a soccer ball or a bouncy ball. Those who bring their equipment are managing the use of this equipment exceptionally well, requiring their peers to sanitize their hands, enforcing play that encourages passing rather than checking etc.  Rather than interrupt something that is working, we will leave this play to the discretion of the children and their families. If a parent gives their child permission and the go-ahead to play with their peers then they should partake in a respectful, kind and safe way.  We are hopeful families will have conversations about safe play and the expectations they have for their own child.  Children should follow the guidance of their parent in these situations. We will not be keeping track of those who plays with the equipment, sanitizing the equipmant, nor the distancing within the actual games.  We will intervene if there are concerns around safety and respect.

All students will continue to be encouraged to wear their masks when appropriate, maintain social distance, and to sanitize their hands when they exit and enter the building.


Student Directed and Led – ‘Window into the Classroom”

HUB Families - You will hear from you HUB teacher about "Meet The Teacher" opportunitites

Please join your child and their class in a first google meets session on Thursday. This will be a great opportunity for your child to confirm they can log into the google meets session independently. During this meeting your child will be able to point out their teacher,  show you items around their classroom via photos or shared video, and hear the teacher talk a little about the classroom culture, expectations, and learning for the year. Your child will also be able to ask questions or type in the chat box on your behalf.

Your classroom teacher will share specific times and log-in information for the sessions. Families only need to attend one session per teacher/child. Please ensure your child also shows you the Music, PE and Well Being Classrooms that should be loaded onto your Google Classroom this week.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe

Sep 19
Sept 18, 2020
Dear CJP Families 

I eagerly await the day I start this message with...It was a dull and uneventful week at CJP!  Many parents received calls or e-mails this week from office staff suggesting their child needed to be picked up as they were not feeling well. Did you know, when we have a child tell us they are unwell it starts a protocol in the school that includes lots of documentation; removal from their cohort group, desk, chair, personal item sanitization, temperature checks, calling parents, a visit to our isolation room (which at CJP doubles as the nurse’s room), lots of hand washing, and a series of questions to the child about what their temperature was this morning, did they have a sore throat, runny nose, a headache, tummy ache, etc. when their parent filled in the Alberta Health Daily protocol.  Thank you to all parents for reviewing the protocol and taking temperatures every morning before school. We know many of these students with aches are experiencing anxiety and stress in regard to the pandemic. We have already started working on mental health and well-being here at CJP. We also know our families do a variety of things to support their children with their well-being. When we call home to tell you your child is unwell, many parents are asking us about their next step. We know you are doing this because you care and because you want to follow expectations. As you know, we are not health experts and are unable to direct you on your next step. What we will tell you is we take all of our direction from Alberta Health (AHS) and we make every effort to be in line with the guidance and direction from AHS. We use the same resources that are available to you: Student Illness We can’t tell you what you should do next. We do want to thank all of you for dropping everything to come pick your child up at the school. I know your child appreciates the quick pick-up as well. We can thank you for being so diligent and careful in the care of your child.  

At CJP we talk with students often about respect. I dare say, every school in the country likely speaks to students about respect on a fairly consistent basis. When we are in a community such as ours, respect is one of the most important ingredients for the community to thrive. We can easily see so many examples of respect on a daily basis. When our families wait on the edges of the school grounds in the morning and at the end of the day, waving and blowing kisses, you do this out of respect for all of our learners and staff. You do this because you know the school grounds are the most crowded at the beginning and end of the day and you want to respect both the expectations shared by the CBE and all the people in our community. We are all wearing masks out of respect for each other and of course caring deeply for all of our community members. I believe we all want our community to remain healthy and safe. We are all completing the Alberta Health Protocol, including taking our temperature before heading off to school out of respect for ourselves and our community. Again, this keeps us all safe. Similarly, when your child is unwell, if they have a runny nose or a sore throat you are keeping your child home for 10 days out of respect for your child and for the larger community. You want to keep us all safe. We thank you for the daily examples of respect your model for your children and show to the community as a whole. We really are all in this together.  We thank you for all your efforts and your commitment to our CJP community to keep us all safe.  We will continue to support those individuals who need a gentle reminder or a bit of guidance on how we are all working to keep our community of learners safe and demonstrate respect. 

Have a great weekend. 

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe 


Sep 13
September 11, 2020
​Dear Families,  

It is Photo Day this coming week. Please preview this YouTube video regarding Lifetouch and photos. They are well prepared and well practiced already at the individual photos. Did you know they have already completed individual photos at all local high schools and a majority of our neighbouring middle schools?  We are in good hands.  


Communication with the school 

Parents, please kindly include both your child’s first and last name in all e-mail and voice mail communications with the school. If you could include your child’s room number or teacher’s name this is also helpful when voicemails are muffled or if there are spelling errors in e-mail. We have many children with the same or similar first names.  We are struggling to identify your child based solely on your e-mail address or your first name.    

Keeping our Distance 

Keeping our distance is really, really hard. Thank you families for remaining outside the perimeter of the school grounds as the CBE re-entry video shows. This provides all of our students with more space and increased safety on the school grounds. We know this is difficult, we appreciate your efforts to follow this guideline set out by the CBE.  We will continue to request that all parents (Discovery Gardens K Parents excluded) remain off the school grounds 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the school day.   

We continue to work on keeping our distance. Even though we have plenty of space outside, this is the place we continue to have the biggest challenge. The CJP team will continue to model safe distancing and remind students of safe distancing. Have you seen our pool noodles?  The pool noodle is our best visual for how far apart we should be. Students also know about bubbles. Ask your child about their bubble. Social distancing will be something we continue to work on in the days and weeks to come.  Please support us with this difficult task by reminding your children and discussing social distancing whenever you have an opportunity.  

Health: Self-Screening Tool 

Thank you all for referring to the Self-Screening tool before sending students to school—we appreciate your diligence and care. 

HUB Families 

You should be hearing from your HUB teacher in the next few days. Please do not call the school on Monday if you do not hear from your child’s teacher immediately. With 20,000 students needing placement and the volume of last minute changes to program registration there are bound to be errors.  We appreciate your patience. There was direct communication to all HUB families today. This is the gist of the message that was sent out. 

This message is an update for Hub online learning for the week of Sept. 14 - 18. Please be reminded that independent learning resources are available at CBE HUB Online 

Grades 1 – 6 

·       Parents will receive an email from their child(ren)’s teacher before the end of the day Wednesday, Sept. 16. 

·       The content of the email will include: 

·       An introduction by the teacher. 

·       Instructions for logging into Google Classroom through students’ Gmail accounts. 

·       The date and time the first real-time instruction will take place. 

We are hopeful all HUB families have received this notice.  Please be patient as we all work through this new mode of communication and education.  Remember, it is new for all of us. 


HUB families, if you are currently registered for transportation we recommend you remove your family from bus registration via your MyCBE account - transportation. Many families registered in HUB were already removed from transportation, however, we cannot guarantee all families were removed. If you do not remove your children before the end of the month you will be charged accordingly. Transportation is contracted to Southland, as such, we at CJP will not be able to assist you with any refund requests. We appreciate your diligence with this.  

Families who registered for transportation by the June deadline and then moved back and forth between school and HUB learning may have had their transportation contracts cancelled.  This is an unfortunate and unintended consequence of moving back and forth between the two learning options.  The school is unable to assist with transportation requests. If you had to re-register the 6-8 week waiting period does apply.  We urge all families to double check your current registration through your MyCBE account.  The school has no influence or sway with the transportation department. We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of this in advance of your call to the school to assist with the re-registration of your children. 

All families who did not register for transportation before the deadline, there are thousands of students who also did not register by the deadline and there are new families to Calgary who have just registered. They are waiting in a queue along with you. This is why the wait is extensive. Compounded are the additional requirements of transportation making the registration process even longer.  The process does not involve simply allocating a family a bus stop. It includes allocation of a seat, shuffling others on the bus and informing them, possibly adding additional stops and buses and moving other students to new buses and stops, ensuring the bus is not over the new Covid limitation of numbers. We all appreciate your patience. 

A note from Southland:  Bus routes and bus stops are created based on the registered riders received by the deadline in June each year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the CBE must support contact tracing on yellow school buses this year. This means that each student must be assigned a bus route, a bus stop and a bus seat. The number of passengers per bus is also limited to no more than 2 masked students per seat. As a result, any change including additional riders, riders who change addresses or those who cancel have a significant impact on the routing. Given the volume of these requests, and how each one needs to be addressed individually to meet the requirements listed above, it may take between 6-8 weeks to accommodate new registrations. Additionally, due to the contact tracing, we must take attendance on the bus so non-registered riders will be denied access to yellow school buses until their registration has been processed. 

Once you can see bus information (route name and stop number) on you’re my CBE account, then it is OK for your child to ride the bus. Until such time, children are not permitted to ride the bus until their registration is processed. Please make other accommodations until such time. Thank you! 

Sep 09
Hub Families - Sept 9, 2020

Hello HUB families,

HUB is new for all of us, families, school staff, CBE team. We are all in this learning journey together. Please know we are all doing our very best as we step into uncharted territory of HUB learning.  The teachers below may not be your specific HUB teacher, however, today they can assist with password and log in access. 

This is how CJP HUB teachers can help you today:

1)  If you need help with your google/ D2L account we can help you out.  Our front office staff do not have access to these teaching tools so please do not call the school for assistance.  Our HUB teachers do have access and can assist you. Please connect via e-mail with one of the teachers below and they will respond as soon as they are able. We only have 3 phone lines into the school, and the HUB teachers below are also working with students at school this week, so it might take a bit of time depending on the number of requests/e-mails received. 

Families with last names between A-G - please contact Ms. Hoogers at:  klhoogers@cbe.ab.ca 

Families with last names between H-M  please contact Ms. Yong at:  rsyong@cbe.ab.ca

Families with last names between N-S  Please contact Ms. O'Neill at:  aklamboo@cbe.ab.ca

Families with the last names T - Z Please contact Ms. Nair at: canair@cbe.ab.ca

These are our requests to you:

1)  If you have kids in multiple grades, please read all of the HUB e-mails you are receiving. We have learned communication for Div 1 and Div 2 has been different. We also learned communication/ instructions at different grade levels is different.  Reading one e-mail will often not suffice.  At this time, we, at the school level, are not recieving the HUB e-mails families are receiving.  Please extend us a little grace as we try our best to navigate these new areas along side you.

2) The D2L shell used for this week's on-line assignements are for all CBE students signed up for HUB. I suspect any D2L shell is not designed for 20,000 students to access. As a result, the shell is experiencing some delays, some challenges etc. It is not going as smoothly as hoped. If we think about technology though, when does it goes as anticipated? We hope you will do your best, but, we know you are being faced with challenges.  We do believe as students are assigned to grades and classes, smaller classes (NOT 20,000!!) will certainly assist with this issue. 

3) We know some of you are frustrated. We will do our best to assist you. We appreciate your kindness and understanding as we all navigate these situations for the very first time.

Thank you!

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe

Sep 04
Sept 4, 2020
Hello CJP Families 

It has been a long week filled with uncertainty, trepidation, and in some cases fear. I would suggest we all handled it with style and grace.  

Our students were champions with all the new routines and expectations. Super Stars!  Families, you were troopers with all the new information that was sent your way. You navigated all of the information, followed new expectations, supported everyone in the school.   Teachers/ CJP Team, you are a dedicated, caring team. Your unwavering support, thought and determination have been awe inspiring.  

Thank you, parents!  We have all appreciated the very kind words and e-mails from so many of you. We often share e-mails with the staff that brighten our day, especially when they are “bucket filling” e-mails.  

Everyone in the school will receive an e-mail from their classroom teacher this weekend. This will include who your new teacher is, your meeting location and a few other important reminders.  On Tuesday, September 8 all students will be coming home with a white envelope filled with information and many papers that need to be returned to the school. Inside this envelope there will also be 2 masks for your child. These masks were sourced by the provincial government, not CBE or CJP.  These masks are non-‘exchangable’  at CJP.  If these masks are not your preference or don’t fit we are happy to receive them back to the school to be laundered and shared with students who forget their masks. Of course, you could also re-gift them to someone who might better match the size or prefer the colour scheme.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Have a great long weekend!  See you Tuesday!

Dr. Bettesworth and Ms. Sharpe

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