Personal Belongings

Toys at School 

Toys, trading cards, and stuffies are becoming a growing concern in our school. Students will need to keep these treasures at home as they are causing conflict on the playground are going missing from backpacks and/ or are getting damaged by excited hands that want to touch and try out. If parents could help their children by reminding them toys such as Bay Blades, trading cards such as Pokemon cards, and stuffies such as Beanie Babies belong at home, not at school. Your assistance with this is very appreciated.

Label Your Possessions

All student belongings should be clearly labeled for easy identification. Students are discouraged from bringing valuables or nonessential items such as toys, collector cards or electronic games to school as the school will not be liable for damage or loss or be responsible for helping students locate these items. Parents and students sign a Contract for Digital Citizenship each year regarding responsible use of technology. 

A wireless student network for Internet access using student owned personal electronic devices such as iPods is provided at CJP. Use of these devices is for educational purposes only and they are not to be brought to school without teacher permission. Teachers may distribute a BYOD contract (Bring Your Own Device) on a class-by-class basis. This contract will outline the expectations for students bringing their own personal electronics to school.

Sports Equipment

In order to prevent accidents in congested areas, baseballs, hockey sticks, bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters, pogo sticks and sleds of all types are not to be used on the school grounds. Backpacks must not be worn while on the creative playground. Tag games are not allowed on the creative playground.

Scooter and Bicycle Safety

Students may ride their bikes to school providing:

  • Scooters and bikes are walked on the school grounds.
  • Scooters and bikes are locked in the racks provided.
  • Common sense is exercised on the way to and from school.

The school cannot assume responsibility for scooters and bikes brought to school.

Lost and Found

Articles of clothing, lunchboxes and personal belongings found around the school or on the playground are deposited in the lost and found boxes located at Door 3. Valuables and money are turned in at the office. Students are expected to be responsible for their own possessions. However, parents are asked to assist by checking the lost and found to claim lost items. Periodically, the unclaimed items are donated to charity.

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