Illness & Medical

Attendance Line: 403-777-6690 ext. 1

It is important that you call the school if your child is absent or arriving late. Please leave the following information: 

  • name of student(s)
  • grade(s)
  • teacher(s) 
  • reason for absence or lateness
  • length of absence if known

Please ensure we have your current phone numbers on file, so that we can contact you in the event of a health emergency with your child.

Medical Conditions

Parents are asked to notify the school if their child has a medical condition or problem. It is important that we are aware of medical issues and the procedures to follow in case of an emergency situation. This information should be updated at the beginning of the school year and at any time throughout the year, if there are any changes.

Some children take medication during the school day. To protect the safety of all of our students and to ensure the security of the medications, all medicine must be stored at the school office with instructions for staff. An authorization form, Student Health Plan Form must be completed and signed by the principal before medication will be administered at school. Please request a form from the office if needed or on the CBE Forms You Need page.

School Nurse

Our school nurse, Mrs. Nicole Chen, is an excellent resource for Health and Medical concerns. She can be contacted at the Village Square Community Heath Centre at 403-944-7024 or 403-944-7000.

Food Allergies

We wish to draw your ATTENTION to a life threatening concern for some of our students.

NUTS: A number of our students are deathly allergic to nuts, including peanuts. These children have been trained to avoid foods, which may have been contaminated, by peanut oils, peanut butter and nuts.

We strongly encourage parents to assist in this critical issue by:

  • Helping your child to understand the life threatening nature of allergies. With younger children you may want to say that this may cause their classmates to become very ill.
  • Avoiding the use of nuts and peanuts in foods and crafts sent to school.
  • Not sending peanut butter or any type of chocolate spread sandwiches or any other peanut snack to school.
  • Reinforcing our expectation that trading or sharing of food will not be permitted.
  • Students who have this life threatening ailment are carrying their Epi-pen in a fanny pack at all times.
  • Finally, that you as a parent have informed us, the main office, of the severity of your child’s medical concerns.

This is our ongoing approach to help create a Nut Aware School. We hope that you will support us in this endeavour.

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