Annual Authorization 

 Athletes will not be allowed to try out if they do not complete the Annual Authorization for Athletic Tryout form. Athletes should bring this signed form to the tryout. Please do not hand in the form with other school forms. The form should be delivered directly to the coaches of the team you are trying out for. If an athlete plans to try out for more than one team, please fill out a separate form for each team. You may also get a form from the PE office.  

Centennial High School has teams in every sport offered through the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association.

Team and individual sports include: 

  • Basketball 
  • Badminton 
  • Cross-Country
  • Field Hockey 
  • Football:  Junior Boys Coach – Mr. Parnell –
    • Senior Boys Coach – Mr. Tomlin –
  • Golf:  Coach – Mr. Parnell –
  • Rugby 
  • Soccer:  Girls - Coach – Mr. Gray – 
  • Swimming
  • Track & Field 
  • Volleyball:  Senior Boys - Mrs. Mann -
    • Junior Boys and Girls, Senior Girls – Contact  Athletic Director Brady Parnell for any questions.
  • Wrestling
  • Cross Country Running - Coach – Mr. Andrews –

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