​​Advanced Placement Program at the CBE

The CBE offers alternative programs of academic excellence and rigour, including Advanced Placement (AP). Students who take AP® can earn advanced credit or advanced standing at thousands of colleges and universities on the basis of their AP® achievements.

You can look on the CBE website for more information on the AP program, including registration information.​​​

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Program at Centennial

Centennial High School offers a variety of highly rigorous courses to meet student needs. Motivated Grade 10 students are encouraged to take Honours/Advanced Placement courses to prepare them for Advanced Placement courses in their grade eleven and twelve years. 

Depending on enrolment requests, we offer Chemistry 20/30 AP, Physics 20/30 AP, Biology 20/35 AP, Math 30/31 AP, English 30/35 and Social Studies 30/35. The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a cooperative educational endeavour among secondary schools, colleges and universities. The program allows high school students to take college-level courses in high school. For each 30 Level AP course, an AP exam is administered in May. Generally, these courses alternate yearly depending on enrolment.

The multiple choice and free response sections of the exam are marked and weighted and converted to a composite score. The composite score is then converted to an AP grade where qualifying students may receive college credit and/or Advanced Placement.

Characteristics of Successful AP Students

For all disciplines, students should possess or be willing to develop their:

  • sense of determination to meet personal goals and develop their intellect;
  • sense of perseverance and willingness to engage in learning;
  • strong work ethic and management of multiple time demands;
  • ability and motivation to work independently inside and outside of school;
  • personal maturity and responsibility for their own actions;
  • passion for learning in general and/or a specific discipline;
  • willingness to be challenged and move outside of previous successes;
  • willingness to share and listen to ideas, opinions, findings, theories and research especially those distinct from their own;
  • ability to use time wisely and productively

Additional notes:

  •  AP courses are designed to be more in-depth and challenging
  • Student marks are based on the Alberta Program of Studies
  • Students may take one or more AP courses, depending upon interest, ability and other factors such as outside time demands, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Students at the Grade 12 level MUST write the AP examinations in addition to the Alberta provincial diploma examinations to earn AP and regular course credit

More Information

* Course offerings are based on enrollment and course requests

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