Central Memorial Music Parent Association (CMMPA)

The Performing Visual Arts Program at Central Memorial High School is a unique public-school opportunity unlike any other in the city, perhaps the province.

The band program came first. It started when the school opened in 1968 and soon after its marching band garnered recognition for its level of excellence. CMMPA - Central Memorial Music Parents Association was created to support this program.

In 2003 the Performing and Visual Arts program was born initially offering Dance, Band, Choral, Strings, Drama and Visual Arts. Over the next years the program grew to be what it is today including Media Arts, Fashion and Tech Theatre.

CMMPA was already well established in the fundraising efforts to aid band, string and the vocal programs, they had their own bingo and casino licenses in place. Parent fund-raising efforts were directed to follow their students through their time at CMHS.

In 2010, a second parent organization was created to help support all PVA disciplines and the growing student population coming to Central to pursue their passions. This new group, CPVAF, Calgary Performing and Visual Arts Foundation, rallied at times to ensure that the emerging PVA program thrived. CPVAF's advocacy and efforts contributed to the decision that allowed students from across the region to apply and enrol as a PVA student at Central.

 CPVAF and CMMPA work collaboratively to ensure that all PVA streams get the support they need and deserve. It’s a huge program with big dreams and needs so while CMMPA raises funds and coordinates volunteers to support the music programs, CPVAF focuses on all streams of PVA - theatre, theatre tech, fashion, dance, visual arts, music, and media arts.

Please email the Music teachers for more information about CMMPA!

Katrina Greenbow /  KRGREENBOW@cbe.ab.ca

Adam Mailman /  JAMAILMAN@cbe.ab.ca

Amanda Hillestad /  ALHILLESTAD@cbe.ab.ca

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