Mar 18
The Climate at Chaparral School remained very warm in February

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes for an instant?” – Henry David thoreau

While Calgary’s weather in February was the coldest on record since 1979, the climate at Chaparral School remained very warm! Taking the month to focus on community building through a variety of initiatives including lunch clubs and intramurals, helped us conquer cabin fever!


Our wide range of club offerings included activities like drawing, chess and Rubik’s Cube. Taking part in club activities not only helped us manage a long string of indoor recesses, but it also allowed us to meet new friends and work with different teachers. We still have a few more clubs coming up in April and May.

In addition to our extra-curricular offerings, the month of February was also warmed through our experience with Quest Theatre. On February 25, the Quest team shared its performance of We are All Treaty People, with our Chaparral School Community. Through music, drama, and puppetry we explored the shared history of our ancestors. At the end of the performance we all did a Round Dance. Curt, the singer and drummer was in the middle. The beating of his drum was like the heartbeat of our community as we moved as one in friendship and peace. Thank you to our Chaparral School Association for providing funding for this excellent presentation.


February’s focus on community building was also taken up in classroom based learning as teachers and students pursued a variety of tasks and held many conversations exploring the concepts of empathy and kindness. Our walls are adorned with artifacts representing the students’ thoughts and intentions for a compassionate school climate where everyone finds a - sense of belonging.

On February 27, Pink Shirt Day, we made a visible commitment to stand up for a compassionate future. Students and teachers continued their conversations by thinking pink as they read stories, watched videos and had conversations that invited us to “enter for a brief time the wholly different perspective of another person's consciousness,” (Maryanne Wolf, 2008). Perspective and social consciousness are motivators for empathy, a key driver to human kindness.


We see our school as a great place to learn about, practice, and embrace qualities of character and citizenship that we can carry with us into the world. As one of our Grade 2 students explains, “The time to be kind is at school, at home, anywhere is the time to be kind to yourself and to your family… be kind to everyone anytime, anywhere.”


So far, our March events have included Student Led Conferences. Students and teachers put a great deal of effort into preparing for meaningful and informative sharing sessions. We are very grateful to the parents and guardians who joined us, showing invaluable support to their children and our learning community as a whole.


Coming up, we are looking forward to our Teachers vs. Grade 6 Students versus Teachers Basketball Tournament which will take place on March 20, and then of course our week-long Spring Break! Please remember that Thursday March 21 is the last day of school for students. Our return to school date is April 1.

March also marks the time when we initiate planning for 2019-2020. In the next few weeks, we will send a survey request through email asking parents to let us know if they are anticipating a change in school registration for their children going into K-6.

In April, we will design our staffing scenario for 2018-19. Staffing is intricately connected to student enrollment; thus, it is extremely helpful for us to know ahead of time which students will continue at our school and which ones might be moving or accessing alternative placements. This month’s newsletter includes our regular features such as grade and subject based updates in learning, as well as reminders and news from our School Council.

Wishing you all a Happy Spring,

Chris Buhler, Principal



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Today was the last day of classes before spring break. We hope all of our students and school staff have a fun, safe and rejuvenating break! #WeAreCBE