Jun 29
Chaparral School Year End Message

Dear Chaparral Families

It always seems impossible, until it is done.

~Nelson Mandela

A year ago, we were challenged to envision how we could do school in a pandemic. This week, we can say we did school, and we did it very well.  We have proven our resilience, creativity, persistence, and compassion.  Thank you everyone! 

Please take a moment to read through some updates and reminders:

Activity Days

We are very sorry that we had to make a prudent decision to cancel the activity days planned for Monday and Tuesday.  Mr. Van Roekel had planned creative and COVID safe experiences for students with a contingency for the possibility or rain, which is a more typical concern of Calgarians at the end of June.  Little did we know we would find ourselves in the midst of a crazy heat wave.  With temperatures reaching the mid 30’s we agreed with our health advisors that we needed to limit our time outdoors.  With the restrictions we are still operating under due to COVID 19, we simply could not run the events inside.  This said, teachers have once again adapted and offered alternative activities to make the last days of school enjoyable and worthwhile.

Grade 6 Farewell

Our Grade 6 teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure their students a joyous and meaningful farewell.  A grade 6 only assembly was held on Friday, where students received their certificates and had fun opportunities to take pictures in various photobooths set up in the gym.  On Monday, the grade 6’s shared an absolutely amazing celebration video with all classes. In truth, this is the finest such presentation I have seen in my years as an educator.  I am very proud of our students and the many people who have contributed to their experience at Chaparral School.  Along with their many memories, the students are leaving with keepsakes including a year book, a custom T-shirt they designed themselves, and caricature portraits. 

The Last Day of School

Just a reminder that the last day of school is Tuesday, June 29th.  It would be very helpful if you could send a grocery bag with your student to facilitate the transfer of materials back home.

Report Cards

Reports Cards are now available to parents through MyCBE / PowerSchool.  Unless you specifically request, there will be no printed copies of report cards sent home.  It is VERY important that you take time with your student to review the report card and celebrate the strengths expressed therein.

We are open and available to respond to appeals, questions, etc. until noon on Wednesday, June 30.

Staffing Updates

As we close this year we are saying farewell to some of our staff members, all of whom are like family to us.

  • Lisa Reynolds, Library Assistant (2016-2021) has resigned from the CBE and is on her way to starting a new chapter in her life living in Ontario.
  • Bethany Dittman, Literacy Support Teacher (2020-2021) has provided invaluable support to students and teachers this year, working under a part time temporary contract. 
  • Laura Bosma, Grade 1 teacher (2015-2021) has resigned from the CBE to move with her family to Vancouver Island.
  • Tania Sablatash, Music Teacher (2020-2021) has provided COVID safe music experiences at Chaparral this year, working under a temporary contract.
  • Dineen Brace, Trailblazer (2020-2021) has provided online instruction to grade 4 students in her Hub classroom this year, working under a temporary contract. 

On behalf of the staff at Chaparral School, I wish you all a safe and happy summer break.  The first day back to school for students is September 1, 2021.  Please watch for information regarding school opening and class placements, which will be sent via email in late August.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Buhler, Principal

Chaparral Schoo​l


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