Attendance Line: 403-777-8480 extension 1

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential and are expectations of the CBE. When students arrive late, it disrupts the classroom routine and frequent absences have a negative impact on learning. Please make every effort to plan medical appointments outside of school hours or at the beginning/end of the school day. Teachers will not provide extra work for students while they are on vacation.


If you know that your child is going to be absent or late, please call the school in advance using the 24 hour absence line, 403-777-8480 extension 1. This minimizes the time it takes for our office staff to make phone calls to confirm your child’s safety. When leaving a message, please specify:

  • the child’s name including spelling
  • provide the teacher’s name
  • the reason
  • the length of the absence

It is important to speak clearly when leaving a message. The office team will telephone parents to check on the whereabouts of children whose parents have not notified the school.  Please be cognizant that getting your child to school on time is extremely important in establishing punctuality, and ensures your child does not miss out on the beginning of day routine and learning. It also minimizes classroom disruption

If it is necessary to take your child out of school for medical appointments, please come to the office to sign them out first, and indicate whether or not they will be on the bus that day. We will then call your child to the office for you.

Late Arrival

All late students must report to the office to be signed-in and to get a late slip. They should then proceed to their class on their own.

Extended Absences

We are aware that from time to time, parents withdraw their children from class in order to provide them with unique travel experiences. Although travel in itself is educational, class attendance is very important to the child’s learning. Learning occurs in a social environment and much of what is done in school involves collaborative learning, interacting with others, discussions, brainstorming, and activities that interconnect subject areas. In addition, many of our learning activities are not page-by-page text-based exercises or worksheets. Particularly in the French Immersion classes, students need to be exposed to the language on a regular basis. Equivalent work cannot be sent with the child. Should parents be planning extended absence for their child for travel opportunities, they should contact their child’s teacher. Students should expect to complete missed work, as directed by their classroom teacher, upon their return. 

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​​​Attendance in MyCBE

Our student information system, MyCBE provides parents, guardians and students with access to detailed attendance information. For help creating an account or signing in, please visit Technical Support for Students & Parents.

Attendance records are available in Grades and Attendance or Attendance History. Common attendance codes are:

  • (P) =Present
  • A = Absent
  • L = Late
  • IL = Illness
  • AP = Absent - Parent Called
  • LVE = Leave Early
  • MA = Appointment

A legend of all the attendance codes are available at the bottom of the attendance charts.. To discuss any discrepancies, please contact the school office.

Attendance Expectations at the CBE

We believe there is a strong correlation between attendance and effective education. The CBE Administrative Regulation 6020 - Attendance of Students​ regulation applies to all of our students, and outlines the responsibilities for students, parents and school staff.​​​​​​​​