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October Message

Dates to Remember 

September 28 – Terry Fox Run (Wear your Canada colours) 

September 29 – Orange Shirt Day  

September 29 – 6PM School Council Meeting at CAS 

September 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – Schools Closed 

Oct 3 – Photo Day 

Oct 10 – Thanksgiving Day – Schools are closed 

October 27 – Celebration of Learning (PM) 


Dear CAS Families, 

Thank you for participating in our Fall Welcome Back Picnic. It was a perfect evening, the food trucks filled our bellies, the weather cooperated, we re-connected with friends from years past and everyone had a chance to come back into the building and see where the children spend their time. It was amazing to have our courtyard filled with so many families. I have never seen so many kids with huge Loli-Pops, the Candy Truck was a huge hit!  

There was an energy and enthusiasm in the hallways that has been missing for almost two years. The photo booth in the Learning Commons was a huge hit. I especially liked the photos of two families together. Stay tuned, the photos will be on display in the learning commons for our first school wide performance. We will have a Celebration of our Learning in late October. Make sure you have a peak at the photos then. On a personal note, thank you for your kind welcome. It was my greatest pleasure to say hello to so many families. It is lovely to see the parents and siblings of students I have gotten to know in the last few weeks. Your children are beautiful humans, with parents who are kind, thoughtful and so very gracious. Thank you for your warm welcome. I consider myself very lucky to be part of this amazing learning community. Thank you for making me feel so very welcome. 

We heard from many families that they valued the opportunity to come into the school and see where their children learn. Teachers are already busy planning the Celebration of Learning for October. During this celebration you will be welcomed into the classrooms to see the learning that is happening on a daily basis.  

We are ever hopeful we will be able to welcome our families into our school through the year to see all of the amazing things that are happening through the year. 

Dr. Bettesworth 


School Council – all parents are welcome! Thursday September 29 at 6PM. 

Please join myself, Ms. Bauman, and our dedicated School Council Executive this Thursday evening at 6PM here in the learning commons at CAS. The School Council Executive is looking for interested families to join them in filling some specific roles and duties. There is also a need for parents to attend the monthly meetings, share their ideas, and participate in the discussion of the evening. Every school council meeting beginning in October, teachers will present on a specific curricular area; literacy, math, well being, Indigenous Education and assessment.  Every meeting I will report out on our work in the School Development Plan. You do not need police clearance to be part of school council. 

School Council is able to affect change in the school, lead social events for families, provide funding to the school for residencies, equipment, and learning opportunities for our children. If you want to make things happen at CAS, or you want to be a decision maker on what exciting things we do at CAS, please come to our meeting on Thursday evening. We look forward to seeing you!  


Staffing Update at CAS 

We would like to wish Mrs. Patel, our Admin E Secretary, the very best. Her last day was Thursday of this past week. Mrs. Patel has accepted an E secretary position at a Middle School much closer to home.  

Mrs. Carah Scherwitz will be our new Admin E Secretary. Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Scherwitz to Chris Akkerman School. Mrs. Scherwitz comes to CAS from LeRoi Daniels school, the TLC school in the South of Calgary. She is very familiar with TLC having both worked in a TLC school and been a parent to two children who are now in a TLC Middle School. Welcome Mrs. Scherwitz.  


Transportation Update 

Please Note – at the time of writing this message and sending it off, there was no confirmed bus driver for “A” bus. Please check your MySchoolBus app to determine if there are any updates to A bus this morning. Please do NOT call the school as we do not receive bus updates, parents do receive updates through the MySchoolbus App. It “A” bus appears late it is strongly advised that parents drive their children to school. 

CAS families, we need your help with significant changes to the CAS services for transportation. All transportation inquiries must go to either Southland or the Transportation department in the CBE. Unfortunately, the office staff at CAS is unable to assist with bus stops, bus fees, bus stop changes, or registering for the bus. Families will need to use the information on their MyCBE account or connect directly with Southland. Sadly we are unable to provide any service related to bus stops and bus changes. Thank you for your understanding and for respecting this change. 

Service changes in the office: 

Please continue to leave attendance messageswhen calling the school. Messages will continue to be retrieved. We will not be answering the telephone in the morning as we do not have staff to answer the phone. All bussing inquiries must be made to Southland, not the school. The Southland phone number can be found in your MyCBE account 

In the afternoon, Chris Akkerman School Staff will stop taking calls for any changes to bussing at 1:30PM. We need to take this hour to make updates to our bus lits. 

In order to minimize numerous interruptions to your child’s classroom, we would appreciate some planning ahead between the parent and the student.  Please write your child a note so that they can show their teacher, bring it to the office, sign out and depart.  This also eliminates the need for a phone call to the attendance line for you. 

We understand that there are occasions where appointments come up last minute and, in this case, we are happy to help before 1:30 when you call the office. If you are unable to call the school before 1:30 please come and pick up your child at their bus, inform the bus driver of their plans and then leave the school. Letting your bus driver know of your change of plans ensures the school will not spend valuable time looking from your child. 

The school takes attendance for all students riding the bus. We expect all bus riding students to go directly to the bus upon dismissal at the end of the school day. Daily there are between 12 – 20 students in grades 2-5 who never make it to the bus. Most have a last-minute change at the end of the day and their parent comes to get them. CAS will no longer be calling Gr 2-5 families if their child isn’t on the bus. This delays the bus departure. If a child misses the bus, we will be calling parents to come and pick the child up. Thank you for your understanding and support. We greatly appreciate it when parents write a note at the beginning of the day for their child to share with their teacher – this is the best plan!  

Orange Shirt Day 

Friday, September 30 is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. It is a holiday recognizing the victims and survivors of the residential school system. On September 29, we will be honouring the experiences of Indigenous Peoples by wearing the colour orange. We will be making a commitment to recognize that every child matters.  All classes at Chris Akkerman will also be participating in an outdoor reading event intended to encourage and inform them of their connections to the land around them. 

Terry Fox Run 

September 28 all students will be participating in the Terry Fox run. Students can wear your Canada colours and their athletic wear on September 28, of course school uniforms are also a great choice. Students and staff will be participating in learning opportunities about Terry Fox in their classes. They will also all participate in our school Terry Fox Run. In your child’s Google Classroom there will be more information about this event and how to donate to a great charitable organization. 




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