Jan 16
Weekly Message

Hello Chris Akkerman Families; 

Welcome back to school after a lovely break. It is great to see the smiling faces of our amazing students. The energy and enthusiasm for learning filled the school this week. I know this term will be filled with amazing learning opportunities.  

This month looks to be a busy one for all. Across Calgary we are all preparing for the beginning of Kindergarten registration. For those families with a Kindergarten aged student, we look forward to seeing their application in shortly. As a family member of the TLC program. Kindly support and assist your friends and neighbours who are filling out registration forms for the first time. we know the process can be daunting. We appreciate the support you can offer to your neighbours, family, and friends.  

Dr. Bettesworth 


Fun Lunch – Papa Johns 

Orders need to be in by Wednesday, Janaury 18th. 

Please use your Healthy Hunger log in to make your order. 

Fun lunch is Monday, January 23. For those students in Kindergarten, you may order if you are attending on Monday. Those students who attend Tuesday will have an opportunity to participate in Fun Lunch next month. Kinder families, please do not order if it is not your day. Thank you! 


Lunch Supervision – Updates 

Did you know we take attendance every day at lunch time to maintain accurate information on who is attending and participating in lunch supervision. If you have never registered your student for lunch supervision and they are attending, then you need to register them ASAP. Even without registering your child, you will get a bill for the months you have attended. Please ensure you register soon as the fee will just continue to add up. Thank you. 

Plastic cutlery – we are slowly coming to the end of our packages of 5000 forks and spoons. When these disposable plastic utensils are gone, then we will not provide students with any utensils. Kindly send your child with their own set of cutlery. This is a far more environmental decision. When we run out, and your child forgets their utensils, we will have them wash their hands and use their hands to eat. I am certain they will not forget again. Soup can be drunk from a thermos. We simply will not have any more cutlery once it is gone.  


Student pick-up at the end of the day  

Please call the school or write in your agenda if your end of day plans change. We are only able to assist with end of day changes until 1:45 PM as we need time to notify teachers, record information on bus lists, and ensure your child is going where you expect. If you have not called or are unable to call by 1:45, kindly go to yruo child's bus and let the driver and attendance monitor know you are taking your child. Please ensure you let the driver and bus monitor know as we h old up 8 buses, 500+ students at Chris Akkerman along with the on time bus departure at Chief Justice, when we hold the buses up. ~1000 students across 2 schools can be held up because of one late student or one student who has been picked up by their parent and no one in the school was notified. Thank you for your help with this. 


If your child is unable to attend school, please ensure you call the office and leave a message on the phone before school starts in the morning. Please speak slowly and clearly. Some of the messages are unclear and this makes it difficult to confirm attendance Thank you for taking the time to slow your conversation down and speak clearly,  

Volunteer Clearance 

Did you know that coming to the office with your ID and receiving a letter from the office is only the very first step of many. Once you receive your letter from the CAS office: 

1.     Go to the local police station with 2 pieces of government ID 

2.     Fill out the paper work at the police station 

3.     When the approval letter arrives at our home, please bring it into the office so we can clear you and you can begin to volunteer for us.  

It is easiest to go to the police station. Of course there is the option to fill this out on like. The on-line process can be rather daunting.   

My CBE Account 

This weekend please take the time to log into your MYCBE account. Once in, please pay for your lunch supervision fees, incidental fees, transportation fees, fieldtrip fees, school supply fees and any other fees you might still have in this folder IE Recorder for Div 2.  

This is great practice for viewing report cards as that will occur at the end of the month on your MyCBE account.  

It is difficult at best for the office staff to support you with your account. There is a help line to call should you need support. Parent Account Help is 403-817-6373 and they are there to help you with your needs and are much more informed. 

 Here are a few tips if you need support with your MyCBE account: 

1.     Ask your children for support, especially if you have an older student. They are rarely afraid of technology or of breaking the on-line programs as we are. 

2.     Ask a trusted friend to help you. This person needs to be able to see your computer.  

3.     Ensure you have set up a parent account so you can; add your other children as needed, pay your school fees, view your children's report cards, book your parent conferences. 

4.     You can easily find out your username and reset your passwords by using the reset tool. ​


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Thank you volunteers for all your help in the 2019-2020 school year. The year would not have been the same without you. https://t.co/Pe1TYAYUV5

Hello families! Please stop by the front office and place a marker on the world map to indicate where your family originates from. We'd love to see you during Parent Conferences on Thursday night and Friday morning!

Thanks to all families and staff for a great first week of School! Please mark your calendar for our first parent council meeting on September 23rd at 6:30 pm. All parents are 😃welcome!

Kindergarten Orientation is tonight (June 13th) at 6:30pm. If your child has been accepted into Kindergarten at Chris Akkerman School for the 2019-20 school year, then you should attend this meeting. https://t.co/kFbpRuYxCs