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Weekly Message January 27  Chris Akkerman School


Important Dates to Remember: 

January 16 - Kindergarten lottery registration begins on-line (Please do not call the school) 

January 30 - Report Cards are available to all families via your mycbe account 

February 3 - Non-Instructional Day (No school for students) 

February 15 - TLC Lottery for 2023-24 school year 

February 16/17 - Teacher’s Convention (No school for students) 


Lunchroom Registration and Fees 

Every student at CAS remains at school for lunch. If you haven’t registered for lunchroom supervision, we will be registering you on Monday. All fees for lunchroom will be retroactive to the beginning of the school year. All families need to pay for the lunchroom supervision service. Currently only about 150 students have signed up for lunchroom supervision, yet we have 630 students who are here every day for lunch supervision. Kindly log into your mycbe account and register for lunchroom and pay for the service. Thank you. 


Math Games & Procedural Fluency 

The link below is a website developed by our very own Ms. Nelson! Within this website you will find math games and strategies that address both addition and subtraction. These strategies can be adapted from what is presented to make them relevant to younger children and older children. We hope you have fun exploring these great math strategies with your children. 



CBE Report Cards 

By the end of January, your child’s report card will be available to view in your MyCBE account. The report card is one of the ways teachers communicate how your child is progressing in their learning. Teachers may also communicate learning progress through parent/teacher conferences, your child’s daily work and assignments, and other ongoing communication with you. In October, families received communication (K-6 New Curriculum | Revised Report Card) about changes to this year’s report card, which included information about updated reporting Stems.  

What to Expect in Your Child’s Report Card  

This fall, the CBE began implementing new curriculum in Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literature (K-3) and Physical Education and Wellness (K-6). Some of the learning outcomes in the new curriculum are new or may have previously been taught in later grades.   

This means that students may be learning new curriculum without having had instruction in related outcomes in the previous grade and may see grades lower than what they might previously have achieved. This is to be expected whenever new curriculum is introduced. It may take more than one school year to build these foundational skills. While curriculum is grade-specific, many concepts are revisited each year, giving students the opportunity to build on their previous knowledge and achieve success.  

Teachers work to plan the delivery of curriculum content in ways that are engaging, creative and inspiring and will continue to respond to the needs of students as we work through this transition together. As always, if you have specific questions about your child’s learning please connect with their teacher. 


Assessment and Reporting 

All families should be able to log into their Power School account on Monday January 30th   to access your child’s January report card for 2022-2023 school year. As is always the case, we are hopeful you can provide us with a little bit of grace should things not go as planned when you log in. We are hopeful all will go smoothly. Should it not, know we will communicate with all families with next steps.  We all love technology best  when it works! 

We are hopeful all parents have had on-going opportunities to visit power school on their desktop computer.  The experience and information offered on a desktop computer is thought to be significantly different from the experience on your cell phone.  This year, teachers have spent a considerable amount of time sharing information about your child’s learning through Power School.  

Attendance:  Please note, on the report card, every day is marked as two distinct pieces. We have both an AM and a PM part to all days except Friday.  As such, your attendance will look like you have attended (or missed) many days. Please divide this attendance number in half for a better representation of the days present and away. 

Families will also notice, we are working towards being more “correct” in our word choice. As such, many teachers (not all) are using different pronouns than (he/she, him/her). Rather, teachers are using they, them, their. These changes are not errors but an effort at being more sensitive to our entire student population here at CAS. 

Attached here is a document shared widely within the CBE. CAS families are familiar with this document as we share it every year. This document assists us all in better understanding the indicators 1, 2, 3, 4 on our report card.   

Finally, at CAS we hope to be consistent within and across all grades in the writing of our report card. Below are terms we use when we are talking about student ability and achievement. When we use these indicator words we are matching them to the number listed at the top of the column. We share this to help families understand the thought we have put into assessment and reporting and to understand the subtleties between these words. This also allows us to be consistent within and across grades with the descriptors we use when speaking of a student’s achievement. 

Not Meeting 




Not yet/Not yet meeting 




























In depth 








 When you receive your child’s report card at the end of the month, if you do have any questions with what is recorded on the report card, please reach out to your child’s teacher. They know your child best as a learner and will be able to address any questions you might have.   

We hope you will celebrate the amazing achievement your child has made this term in learning as you explore all of the information shared in the report card. 


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