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Chris Akkerman Feb 3 Weekly Message


Important Dates to Remember: 

January 16 - Kindergarten lottery registration begins on-line (Please do not call the school) 

February 15 - TLC Lottery for 2023-24 school year 

February 16/17 - Teacher's Convention (No school for students) 

March 10 – Professional Development Day (No school for students) 


School Spirit Days (Presented by the Grade 5 Leadership Students) 

Feb 14 – Friendship, Kindness, Valentine's Day. Wear red, wear symbols of friendship, kindness and love.  

Feb 21 & 22 – Pink Shirt Day. Wear pink both days. All classes will be participating in lessons and activities about kindness, being an upstander, standing up against bullying. 

March 3 – Casual Friday 

March 17 – St. Patrick's day. Wear green, wear what makes you feel lucky. 

March 24 – Twin and triplet day 



Attendance and Lates  

The Calgary Board of Education recognizes the strong positive correlation between attendance and a student's success in school. Regular attendance sets students on the path to reaching their full potential. It is critical that parents, as partners in your child's learning, understand that chronic absenteeism (missing 10% or more of instructional time) and chronic lates can negatively influence a student's learning.  

Did you know?  

· By grade 6, regular attendance is a predictor of high school completion.  

· By grade 9, regular attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than test scores.  

· Students who attend daily are less likely to fall behind in school.  

· Concerns with school attendance may indicate other challenges in a student's life.  

· Regular school attendance is an important life skill on the path to graduation and future employment. 


Lunchroom Registration and Fees 

Every family in CAS has had lunchroom fees added to their fees account. If you had previously registered for lunch and paid your fees and not pay your fees then yours will be up to date. If you did not register for lunch, your fees have been added since September. All families need to pay for the lunchroom supervision service.   Kindly log into your mycbe account and pay for the service.   Thank you. 

Dressing for the Weather 

We had two very cold days this past week. The office handed out over 30 pairs of mittens to students who arrived without mittens. There were dozens of students in running shoes when the temperature was colder than –20. Even more troubling was that over half of our students came to school without snow pants. We had students arrive at school with only a hoodie on. It is essential  all students come to school dressed for the weather. Kindly ensure your child is dressed for the weather before they leave your home in the morning. We know Calgary can get cold, we also know the weather can change quickly. All students will be outside at the beginning of the day as well as at morning recess, at lunch recess, and possibly for learning opportunities. All students go outside up to –20C. Your child will enjoy this time outside if they are well dressed for the weather. 


We know our families value and appreciate the uniform students wear. This past week, Ms. Brar's and Ms. Markusoff's classes were outstanding in how they wore the formal uniform on Tuesday at the assembly. Lately though, many students are not arriving at school in a proper uniform or even in a uniform at all. A few tips: 

·       Pants, leggings, sweat pants are never worn under a tunic. Socks or leotards are worn under a tunic. Shorts are also great to wear under a tunic, but they should never be visible. 

·       If a student is cold at school, they should be wearing their cardigan, not a hoodie from their favourite sport's team.  

·       If you are wearing pants, they are pants/ trousers/ slacks. Jeans, sweat pants, leggings are not part of the uniform. 

·       If students are wearing a shirt underneath their dress shirt, it should be white. 

·       Dress shirts should be white, not grey, not stained. 

·       Fancy coloured socks are part of weekend wear and are not part of the school uniform. 

·       Formal days include cardigans, ties for those wearing a dress shirt and pants.  

·       Hair accessories and heat coverings should match the TLC colours if at all possible.  

Taking pride in how we dress is an important part of being a TLC student. Wearing the TLC uniform correctly and proudly will improve student confidence. We look forward to celebrating how great the students look in their uniform this coming week.  ​


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