Apr 17
Weekly Message April 17th

Important Dates to Remember: 

Monday April 17 - June 12  Gymnastics in the gym during PE 

Thursday April 27 - School Council  - All families are welcome to attend 

Friday April 28 - Virtues AssemblyPlease dress in your formal uniform 

Thursday May 4 -Literacy Celebration of Learning  5:30 – 7:30 

Friday May 5 - PD Day No School for Students 

Thursday May 18 - Parent Engagement Evening hosted by CAS School Council 

Thursday May 25 - New TLC Student/ Kindergarten 2023 start – orientation 

Monday May 29 (Election Day) Schools are closed to students. CAS is a polling station.  

Friday June 9 - PD Day No School for Students 

Monday June 12 - 16  Lacrosse Residency 


School Spirit Day (Presented by the Grade 5 Leadership Students) 

Wednesday May 3 – Hats on for Mental Health – wear your very favourite hat, all day long! 

Fun Lunch Dates 

Monday April 17.    Orders have been placed. 

Tuesday May 16.   Orders need to be in by May 10. 


Staffing updates and changes 

Welcome  Ms. Teneycke. Ms. Teneycke will be our music teacher until the end of the year  

Welcome back Ms. Olsen. Ms. Olsen will be in Ms. Vonka’s room until she returns in early May.  

Welcome Ms. Vercleyen. Ms. Vercleyen will be joining Ms Boersen in grade 2 until further notice. We are glad Ms. Vercleyen is able to be with our Grade 2s while Ms Sener is on leave.  

Welcome Ms. Huang. Ms. Huang will be in Mr. Peniuk class until the end of the school year  

We are so pleased to have such amazing educators able to join our team and work with our incredible students and families. Please extend a warm welcome to our newest team members.  


Grade 4 and 5 Students in the Portables 

The CBE will be starting some minor repair work to the middle of the compound closest to the portables. The entrance with steps at the front of the portables will be temporarily blocked off. Also, the heat to the portables will be diverted to space heaters for the next few days as the repair work is completed. If your child is in the portables, please ensure they bring their cardigan with them and that they dress warmly as it might be cool in the portables. The weather this week is going to be a bit cool, please dress warmly or bring an extra sweater, just in case.  


Gymnastics Unit in Physical Education 

We start gymnastics on Monday...tomorrow! During this unit, the following safety expectations must be followed by all to reduce injuries and accidents: 

  • If students have long hair, it should be tied back 

  • No jewelry should be worn, especially not earrings, necklaces and jewelry that can be caught on equipment. 

  • Students will need to be in bare feet when on the mats and equipment. It is not recommended that tights or leggings be worn. Students will be asked to remove socks, tights, leggings. If tunics or skirts are worn, students are encouraged to wear navy or black shorts under their tunic or skirt.    

Ask your student about our new water bottle filling station! 

Thank-you school council! We now have three incredible water filling stations in our school. Our students and staff love themIt is a great addition to our school.   If you want to have impact in our school and with our students, please consider joining School Council at the end of the month. You will also be part of the decision making on great initiatives such as this.  


Claim your free Stampeders Tickets: 


Each student is invited to claim two free tickets for the Calgary Stampeders game against Edmonton on May 22, 2023. Here is a link to the event registration: 


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