Dress Code

Uniform Policy

Traditional Learning Centre students are expected to wear the uniform every day. If a student arrives at school not wearing their uniform, parents will be phoned and asked to deliver the uniform to the school for their child to change into. Some parents have purchased “navy” items at stores that are not official suppliers of the TLC uniform; these items are NOT acceptable and may lead to enforcement of the uniform policy.

A note will be sent home informing parents of all breaches of the uniform policy. Should four incidents occur, the student will wait at the school office until their parent arrives at the school with the uniform.

Shoes must be black, low heeled, non-embellished dress shoes. Headbands, barrettes, and other headgear must be navy, green, white or black and have no embellishments/decoration.

Formal Days

Students are expected to wear their full uniform:

  • Every Monday
  • On Assembly Days 
  • On Field Trips and;
  • Other specified days.
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