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The following files provide some information about transitioning from Christine Meikle School to adult placements. The information was provided by Children's Link who can be reached at


The following links may be useful for parents, particularly those who are preparing to transition from Christine Meikle to adult day programs. If you come across a dead link, please let us know so that we can make changes to our site. Thanks.

Alberta Children's Services - The Provincial site for information regarding all children

ACH - Alberta Children's Hospital

Alberta Seniors and Community Supports, including AISH, AADL, PDD, Office of Public Guardian (OPG) - this is the government site that has the most important information regarding financial help, guardianship, medical supports

American Sign Language Browser - short video clips showing ASL signs

Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD)

Children's Link - It's mission: Children's Link provides information and supports links to families; communities; agencies and professionals in Western Canada for children and young adults with special needs. A great resource for anyone with a special needs child. They have a publication called : "My Child has a Disability: A Guide For Families", an excellent resource. Check out their links to find more info: you name it, they've got it!.

Children's Link Transition Grid - Children's Link has put together a complete list of agencies that provide the following services: Vocational Access and Residential Services, Residential Services, Family Support and Advocacy Services, Recreation and Social Opportunities, Post-Secondary and Education Opportunities, Transportation Services, Housing Services, Specialoty Vendors, Health Services,and Mental Health Services. Click on the link to download the PDF version of this transition grid.

Chrysalis - offering day programs for adults with special needs. "The programs and services offered in our day programs focus on linking clients to recreational, volunteer and employment opportunities in the community that match their interest and ability"

FSCD - Family Support for Children with Disabilities - a division of Alberta Children's Services dedicated to children with special needs

Revenue Canada - Disability Tax Credit Forms

The Road Ahead - The Road Ahead Society of Calgary was established in December 2000 in response to the needs of families with disabled children and adults. The aim is to support families in three broad areas: 1. The first is the establishment of a secure future in very practical ways, such as finances (trusts, estates and will planning etc.) and housing and home ownership. 2. To promotion and development of enduring circles of support, the facilitation of meaningful relationships – people who look out for the interests of the person in the way a family might. 3. To develop long term partnerships with foundations and companies in the Calgary area to build a sustainable future for our members.

Springboard Centre - This program comes highly recommended by a parent of one of our graduates. We were told at a PAC meeting that there were quite a few Christine Meikle School graduates involved in day programs at Springboard Centre. Springboard Centre for Adults with Disabilities is a Day Program service for adults who have moderate to severe developmental disabilities. The program operates Monday through Friday with services for the individuals we serve from 9 AM to 3:30 PM.

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