May 01
May 2019 Principal's Message

On April 18, 2019, we held another very successful Citadel Park School Family Dance.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our School Council who sponsored this event and all of the many volunteers who worked so hard to make this a successful evening.  A great time was had by all!

The month of May is a busy time at Citadel Park School, as we prepare for two concerts.  On May 2, our grade three and four students will be performing and showcasing their learning in the performing arts.  Drumming, singing, shadow puppetry and dancing will all be part of the program. This should be a very entertaining evening.  On May 30, our Kindergarten showcase concert will be held in the gym.  This concert celebrates the learning and accomplishments through song and poetry. This is a great opportunity for our youngest students to shine!

On May 6, Citadel Park School will once again be participating in the Global Day of Design.  What is the Global Day of Design all about?  On this day, students as encouraged to make, build, and tinker. The Global Day of Design is one-day that focuses on using the Design Thinking process in school. The goal for the Global Day of Design is to inspire a transformation in schools around the world to incorporate design thinking into everyday practice with our students from all levels, ages, and subjects.  Already, there are over 75,000 students signed up to participate from 600+ schools, in over 14 countries and four different continents for the 2019 Global Day of Design! We will spend the entire morning of Monday, May 6th designing and building. In the afternoon, the students will have an opportunity to visit other classrooms to see their creations.  We are looking forward to an exciting, creative and engaging day.

At our April School Council meeting, a presentation was given on the CBE’s budget process and how schools are funded within our system.  During the month of May, we will begin our spring staffing process.  We are currently projected to have 410 students attending our school for September 2019.  When we receive our school budget from the CBE, we will then make staffing decisions based on our fall projections.  At our June 11, 2019 School Council meeting , we will be sharing our staffing decisions for the upcoming school year. All interested parents are invited to attend, as this will also be the Annual General meeting and positions will need to be filled for our 2019-2020 School Council.

As mentioned in last month’s message, we will be creating class lists for next year’s grade one and three classes. Class list creation is an involved process that requires several meetings and thoughtful deliberations about student placement in classrooms.  A variety of factors are considered so that classes are well balanced to meet the needs of all of our students.  If there is information about your child that would be useful to us in making the best placement decision, please communicate this with your child’s teacher.  We would ask that if you have a classroom request for the coming school year, that you send it via email to Mr. Faunt at, no later than June 1, 2019.  In the past we have received very few requests as most parents rely on us to place their child in a classroom.  However, we do understand that in some circumstances, a parent may make a request for a particular teacher. Teacher requests must have an educational reason stated in the email.  Thank you for appreciating the complexities of creating class groupings.  A parent request may not be honoured if it creates an imbalance of student needs in our classrooms.  Requests for classroom placements will not be considered after June 1, 2019.

Finally, we would like to thank our volunteers from Costco. This group of dedicated individuals have been coming to our school every Wednesday afternoon since January working with a number of grade 2 students on improving early literacy skills.  Their last day will be at the end of the month and we are looking forward working with them next year.



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