Each student is assigned a hall locker for his/her clothing and books. Physical education lockers will also be assigned to each student. To maintain the security of personal belongings, students are advised to lock any valuables in their locker during physical education classes. No one can open the locker if it has been closed and locked properly. 

Students should not tell other students their locker combinations. Students may go to their lockers in the morning (before class), at locker break, at noon, and after school. 

All books and materials necessary for class preparation must accompany students to their morning and afternoon classes. Teachers, at their discretion, may allow a student to go to his/her locker.

It is important to note that lockers are always in shared use with the school. They are school property, and the school reserves the right to open them at any time. This may occur when we need to get materials for an absent student, when a student is absent for a clean-up, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the school. 


The use of personal locks on school lockers is not permitted. If a replacement lock is required there will be a $6 charge. 

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With open hearts, it is our honor to recognize #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay with this pledge to the TRC Calls to Action. Sansom is committed to do the work so we can all walk together. @Indigenous_cbe @Area4CBE #WeAreCBE

Thanks to Cree drummer, singer, and storyteller David McGilvery for sharing his talents with us on #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay #WeAreCBE

Today we celebrated #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay With thanks to photography 7 & 8 students for capturing the photos of the land where we gather #WeAreCBE

So proud of all of our Scorpions who represented Sansom at today’s cold and windy 2022 track meet!

RT @MN_Hopkins: We had the honour and pleasure of hosting our MP @jasrajshallan today @clarencesansom with our grade 9 social studies classes. Thanks to @CIVIX_Canada for helping arrange this #RepDay experience. Nice to be back to in-person gatherings and bringing parliament alive for our youth!