Physical Education

Physical Education supports you in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. You will gain experience within various physical activities assisting you in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

Lead Teacher: Mr. C. Damgaard

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Physical Education Classes

Physical Education at Clarence Sansom is structured as a modular program where students have some choice with respect to the activities that they participate in.  Modules generally last between two and four weeks and utilize the many spaces available in and around the school (Gynmasium, Cardio Fitness Centre, Strength Fitness Centre, Foyer (Table Tennis & Foosball), the outside areas (Upper Field, Lower Field, Baseball Field) and the Lunchroom).

Module classes generally run Monday-Wednesday every week as well as some Fridays, with Training Thursday taking place every Thursday through the school year, and Cooperative-game Fridays when modules aren't taking place and students focus on working in groups and teams in various competitive and non-competitive situations.

Physical Education Clothing

Students are required to change into P.E. dress for P.E. classes, options, intramurals, interschool athletics and team practices. On occasion, P.E. modules will be scheduled outside. When students are participating in outdoor activities they are encouraged to ‘dress for the weather’ and wear appropriate clothing on top of their gym strip. We require that students bring clothing suitable for outdoor activity; for example, sweats pants (not jeans), and ask that it not be the same clothing worn to school that day. 


Students will need to bring a note from parents if they are unable to participate in a class for medical reasons. A doctor’s certificate is expected if a student has health concerns that are persistent or of a long-term nature (more than two days).

Locker Room

Students are expected to care for their locker room and to treat the facility with respect. Mistreatment and/or misbehaviour in the locker room may result in the loss of a student’s privilege to use the locker room for a period of time or another disciplinary measure.

Exemption from Participation

All students, except those with permission from a medical doctor, will participate in physical education classes. Students must bring a note from parents if they are unable to participate in a class for medical reasons. A doctor’s certificate is expected if a student has health concerns that are persistent or of a long-term nature (more than two days).

Behaviour Expectations

In an effort to maintain a positive and safe learning environment for all students, PE teachers strive to consistently apply the following behaviour policy. Incidents of a minor nature (e.g. not changing, minor disruptions) will be documented and followed through using the schools discipline policy.  Essentially, we expect our students to RESPECT themselves and honour their commitment to being a part of each successful class, we expect our students to RESPECT each other when working individually, in groups and in teams, as well as at all other times in PE and the PE spaces, and we expect our students to RESPECT our amazing facilities and equipment which we are very lucky to have.  If we all adhere to this, physical education is a safe, fun and exciting space for everyone each day!

Training Thursday

Thursday's are dedicated to improving our students' level of fitness.  We have a stable of over 20 different fitness training activities that our students come to know and love that focus on the various components of their physical fitness.  Some are individual, while others are group/team activities where students work together.  The focus every Thursday is to get Sansom moving, to build an understanding of what each individual is capable of and how they can improve, as well as to foster the understanding that doing your individual best every day is exactly what is required to experience success, growth and improvement. Students should be ready to challenge themselves every Thursday in an effort to improve their cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and endurance and flexibility.

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