Our Staff

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Teaching Staff

Name & EmailPhone ExtensionProgram | Subjects
Ms. Jun Lu/Ms. Sherry Xu
7003 Mandarin | 5A/B Math, Science, Chinese LA
Ms. Janet Gaw
7005 Mandarin | 5A/B English LA, Social
Ms. Sunny Yang7032 Mandarin | 5C/6C Math, Science, Chinese  LA
Ms. Elly Yu7028 Mandarin | 6A/6B Math, Science, Chinese LA
Ms. Eesha Imran7030 Mandarin | 6A/6B English LA, Social
Ms. Brenda Borgeson7031 Mandarin | 5C/6C English LA, Social
Ms. Cassandra Fenwick

Reg/Man | Band/Humanities

Mr. Scott Claiter7022Reg/Man | Humanities
Mr. David Clarke
7021  Reg/Man | Humanities/Resource
Ms. Marisa Fan
7029 Reg/Man | Mandarin Math and Language Arts
Ms. Kim Vo 7023 PE | 5-9 Physical Education
Ms. Lisa Morton 7017 Reg/Man | Humanities
Ms. Kristin Duval
7016 Reg/Man | Humanities
Ms. Melissa Lee
7019 Reg/Man | Humanities
Ms. Jayme Knowles
7011 Reg/Man | Science
Mr. Richard Haller
7002 Reg/Man |  Band/Humanities
Ms. Nadia Elkhatib 7035 Reg/Man | 5-9 Physical Education
Mr. Jeffrey Ray 7014 Reg/Man | Humanities
Mr. Perry Sundstrom 7026 Reg/Man | Construction 7/8/9; Applied Tech 
Mr. Cody Andreasen 7024 Reg/Man | Art
Ms. Jin Yeo
7039 Reg/Man | 5-9 Physical Education
Ms. Sarah Hill
7048 Reg/Man | Foods
Ms. Mandy Hong
7015 Reg/Man | Science, Math
Mr. David Chang
7020Reg/Man | Mandarin Math and Language Arts
Ms. Vivian Chen
7004 Reg/Man | Math and Science
Mr. Sanpreet Cheema
7013 Reg/Man | Math and Science
Ms. Rowan O'Connell 
7009 Bridges 
Ms. Jenny Le 70 Reg/Man | Math and Science
Mr. Nicholas Wright 70

Reg/Man | Humanities

Mr. Vinh Luu
7034 PE | 5-9 Physical Education
Ms. Cindy Ly
70 Reg/Man | Math
Ms. Leah Hughson
7053 Health & Wellness Learning Leader, ELL & Resource


Name & Email Phone Extension Program | Subjects
Ms. Bea Ko 7123 Principal
Ms. Nicole Dalwood
7223 Assistant  Principal 
Ms. Jennifer Gale 2377/0 Admin Secretary

Support Staff

Name & Email Program | Subjects
Ms. Gwen Woodhouse Learning Commons
Janice Piet
Bridges Support Worker | Bridges
Ms. Cindy Lau Bookkeeper
Ms. Daisy Kong Lo Office Assistant/Lunchroom
Ms. Sue Hawkwood Food Services Supervisor
Rudy Widjaja Lunchroom Assistant
Shannon Richmond
Lunchroom Assistant
Jim Stewart Facility Operator
Nelia DeLeon
Facility Operator
Emma Centeno
Facility Operator
Dong Sheng Lan Facility Operator
Liberty Baguio Facility Operator
Edgar Ferrer Facility Operator

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Well shoot! With the Calgary Flames kicked out of the playoffs last night, it looks like our Board Chair @LauraHack34 will be donning Oilers’ blue at the June 14 board meeting. We'll be cheering for Alberta's other team now! @EPSBNews @TrishEstabrooks #CBEofRed https://t.co/bYA3HHRWDo

Check out this CBC story about students from Fairview School selling ribbons to raise money for local Asian mental health organizations for their Asian Heritage Month campaign. Way to go! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/1PbYrJ6yEJ

RT @NCKodiaks: 🛠🧰 A BIG thanks to Mr. Slusar and his amazing grade six construction students for repairing our Little Free Library. It looks incredible and we absolutely love having it in our community! #kodiakpride #nowacceptingdonations #WeAreCBE @yyCBEdu https://t.co/Kgg3bhNem8

RT @KiddleCBE: Sibylla Kiddle positively impacted her community through generous acts of service & kindness. Today, May 25, we celebrated her birthday by helping people in our #yyc community. Inspired by Sibylla Kiddle, we collected 1272 birthday party items for the @CalgaryFoodBank. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/zZi2dyDXYX

Spanish Bilingual students in Grades 6-9 went to Crescent Heights High School to spend an afternoon touring the school and participating in a series of engaging language and cultural activities prepared by Leadership 30 students. https://t.co/SGheH1PlmJ #WeAreCBE https://t.co/f97PJ19PJd