Sep 10
Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2018 – 2019 school year!  We are happy to welcome both our returning and our new families to Colonel J. Fred Scott School and we look forward to working closely with you and your children.  We begin every year by reviewing our three pillars of respect:

  • We respect ourselves     
  • We respect each other    
  • We respect this place


Staff and students will begin the year by talking about how we can work together and to continue to make CJFS a great community of learning.  We would encourage all parents to talk about these ideas with your children and to review the opening pages of the Student Agenda to ensure you understand the foundations of our work at school. 


We have a wonderful staff at CJFS and are pleased to welcome new and returning staff.  Our work together has already been thought provoking and we are excited about this new school year.  Our staff this year will be:


Ms. Y. Atsin Lunchroom Supervisor                    Mrs. S. Jabali, Kindergarten

Ms. J. Bedi, ESL Assistant                                  Ms. D. Klem, Grade 3-4

Mr. M. Collins, PE Specialist                                Ms. D. Knust, Education Assistant       

Ms. A. Coupland, Education Assistant                 Ms. B. Kolb, Grade 3-4

Mrs. J. Duros, Part Time Cleaner                         Mrs. C. Luzzi, Library Assistant & Lunchroom Supv

Mrs. L. Deol, Lunchroom Supervisor                    Ms. L. MacPherson, Grade 5-6, Learning Leader

Ms. E. Deschamps, Lunchroom Supervisor         Mrs. S. McLellan, Grade 3-4

Mrs. A. Dhadda, Admin Secretary                        Ms. V. Medford, Education Assistant

Ms. A. Dixon, Grade 1-2                                       Mrs. D. Omar, Lunchroom Supervisor

Mrs. J. Dixon, Grade 1-2                                       Mr. S. Robinson, Principal  

Ms. S. Downing, Grade 1-2, Learning Leader       Ms. K. Roeding, Grade 1-2

Mrs. L. Dryden, Grade 3-4                                     Mrs. C. Sasse, Resource

Mrs. R. El-Haj-Ahmed, Lunchroom Supervisor      Ms. K Schulhof, Grade 1-2

Ms. T. Engel, Diversity                                            Ms. S. Scott, Grade 5-6

Mrs. K Eriksen 1-2, Learning Leader                      Ms. M. Serquina, Education Assistant

Ms. H. Exner, Grade 3-4                                             Ms. M. Shustack, Kindergarten

Ms. L. Farley, Grade 1-2                                         Mr. C. Southworth, Assistant Principal

Mrs. M. Gawley, Bookkeeper                                  Mrs. T. Storrier, Grade 5-6

Mrs. S. Grant, School Secretary                             Ms. D. Taylor, Grade 5-6

Ms. B. Greaves, Grade 3-4                                     Mr. V. Thelmo, Facility Operator

Ms. S. Gulamhusein, Kindergarten                         Mrs. S. Warmerdam, Lunchroom Supervisor

Ms. J. Gunderson, Music Specialist                        Ms. S. Yap, Grade 5-6

Mrs. P. Hergenhein, Lead Lunchroom Supervisor                                        


We know that school and families make the greatest impact on children’s lives when we work closely together to support learning and we encourage you to become actively involved in our school. In particular, we would like to invite you to attend School Council meetings on the third Thursday of each month, with our first meeting being Thursday, September 27 at 6:30pm in the Learning Commons – everyone is welcome!  

We would also encourage you to attend our Parent Teacher Conferences on September 20h and 21st so that you can help your child’s teacher better understand your child’s learning profile. To use the booking system, you must have a “My CBE Account” by registering at  This is the same account to register for noon supervision if your child is staying at school for lunch.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year at CJFS!



Scott, Chris & the CJFS Staff​


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