May 26
Principal's Message: Class Placement Requests

Dear Coventry Families,

All of our classroom placements are very carefully thought out and we identify each child's learning needs as we build equitable classroom settings for all students.  We take into consideration:

  • Gender
  • Academic abilities including areas of strength and next steps in learning,
  • Behavioral considerations,
  • English Language Learners,
  • Peer combinations that may or may not be suitable in supporting a positive learning environment.
  • Teacher/student relationships

Class list preparation is a very thoughtful process that takes many hours of conversation and planning on your child's teacher, grade team and school administration to balance individual classrooms, classroom pod combinations and the grade cohort as a whole.  We will begin this process at the beginning of June.  As partners in your child's education, parents also know their child best.  Requests will be considered for educational purposes only. If you would like to make a classroom placement request, make your request based on the following criteria that is not specifically requesting a teacher but RATHER your request is based on educational needs including the type of learning environment you child requires to be successful.  We also understanding that relationships are important to your child's success. The teachers work to ensure that each child has a friendship they currently sees in the classroom environment that supports your child's school success. If you have some sound education reasons for consideration for your child's placement please email your request stating your educational reasoning by Tuesday, June 6th to Cindy Armstrong at and your child's current classroom teacher with the subject line: Classroom Placement Request.  We will take your request into consideration when finalizing class lists but there is no guarantee we will be able to accommodate the request.  I realize that you are making these decisions with best intentions for your child, but we also look at the whole school and the dynamics of each class setting.  Remembering that our teachers are working together in teams so your child will be receiving the benefits of all their graded classroom teachers.  

Class placements will not be shared until August 31 as we do many changes over the course of the next few months to balance class lists.  Teachers will be sending out letters of introduction in their first few days of returning to work in August.

We are working hard at preparing for next year and a part of this process is to create new class lists for the 2023-2024 school year.  We are forecasting our class sizes to range from 20 – 25 students per class depending on the grade.  As a school we are committed to trying to keep our class sizes small and we are projected to have over 600 students.  Currently our enrollment is about 40 students under our project number and if we do not have the registrations required, we will have to reorganize in the fall. 


Grade Student Numbers Number of Classes Students Per Class
83 4 20/21
103 5 21/22
111 5 22/23
110 5 22/23
97 4 24/25
100 4 25
Total  606  25 classrooms



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