Oct 01
Calgary High School Athletics Update

On Thursday September 24, 2020, the Calgary Senior High School Sports Association (CSHSAA) in conjunction with the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District authorized the formation of practice cohorts for fall sports. 

All practice cohorts must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Government of Alberta as outlined in the document Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation-Stage 2.  Additionally the CSHSAA has set forth regulations that all schools must adhere to. 

At this time Crescent Heights High School will look to run the following activities listed below.  Students who are interested in participating are asked to attend the following meetings date/time:

  1. Football –  Thursday, October 1 at lunch in the Main Gym
  2. Girls Volleyball – Wednesday, September 30 at lunch in the Main Gym
  3. Boys Volleyball – Wednesday, September 30 at lunch in the Main Gym
  4. Girls Soccer – TBD (Meeting time to be announced on Monday, October 5th)
  5. Cross Country – Thursday, October 1 at lunch in the Yoga Room

While student interest is important it is not the only factor that will affect our schools decision to run a sport cohort.  Each school will be determining what sport may be offered based on their own given context. The following are the criteria that schools will be using to consider their decisions:

  • Impact of required quarantine for staff and or students
  • Community transmission rates
  • Availability of staff
  • The ability to clean and sanitize equipment and the facility
  • Limiting the amount of cohorts and cohort sizes will also factor into our school's decision.  We will be adhering to the maximum number of individuals that can form a cohort as outlined by the Government of Alberta Document listed above. The 50-person maximum includes any coaches/staff, instructors, participants, officials, and volunteers who consistently and routinely engage with participants at a distance of less than 2 metres.

Athletes and families must also make informed decisions regarding their decision to participate in a school sport cohort.  Information that may factor into your decision might include:

  • School cohorts are prohibited from interschool competition at any level.
  • Participation in a school sport cohort could increase an athletes chances at exposure and may be disruptive to their academics.
  • Alberta Health Services have asked families to limit the amount of cohorts for students. Some community programs may prohibit participation in additional cohorts.
  • Cohorts by necessity will be structured differently than typical High School Athletics teams and will focus on skill development rather than competitive game play.
  • Tryouts may be necessary to adhere to cohort size restrictions. 

Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times. Decisions for each team sport will be communicated to parents by Monday, October 5. If you have additional questions regarding school sports cohorts please contact Meagan Moulton, Athletic Director at memoulton@cbe.ab.ca.  


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