Physical Education

Physical Education supports you in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. You will gain experience within various physical activities assisting you in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

Physical Education 20

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Phys. Ed 10

Students successfully achieving a pass in the PE 10 may enroll in PE 20. PE 20 runs in conjunction with the PE 10 program. Students will choose activities based on their interests, and must include a completed outcome in swimming, dance, and self-defense. The minimum PE fee  for  this  option  is  $80.00. This option provides an excellent opportunity to experience a wide variety of individual and team activities both on campus and off. Students will be expected to wear appropriate attire for this class (both indoor and outdoor runners as well as athletic clothing are required; PE shirts will be provided).

Physical Education 30

5 Credits | Prerequisite: Phys. Ed 20

The PE 30 option is for the highly motivated PE student who is very active and interested in further enrichment in Physical Education. PE 30 requires a larger demand of the student’s personal time due to off campus trips and activities out- side the regular school hours. Due to this we recommend a mark of at least 80% at the PE 20 level. This class is a stand-alone class that has more of a emphasis on lifetime activities and outdoor pursuits. The fee for PE 30 is $225.00.

Sports Performance 10

5 Credits

This course will focus on the development of an individual’s fitness and fitness knowledge in relation to becoming a better athlete. Sports Performance is a CTS based option and students will receive 5 CTS credits upon the successful completion of the course. Students will learn and implement knowledge pertaining to nutrition, sports psychology and training techniques to improve their personal fitness for all sports and/or athletic activities. This is a physically demanding course and students need to understand they will be doing vigorous physical training on a consistent basis. Commit to the process and results will follow.

A student fee will be assessed to cover guest instructors, field trips, two t-shirts and a Fitness Centre Membership for the semester.

Sports Performance 20

5 Credits

This course is a continuation of the introductory course. Previously learned training techniques and knowledge are used as a foundation for the next level of athletic development. Speed, Agility and Quickness are subjects that get explored further. Nutrition concepts are reiterated and athletes get deeper into the psychology of sport. This course is an outstanding opportunity to immediately take theory learned and put it to practical use. This level of the course is also a physically demanding option and students should commit to improving their fitness and working to their full potential.

Sports Performance 30 

5 Credits

This level of the course is the culmination the previous two years of athlete development. Students will learn how to take their fitness knowledge and use it to help themselves and others looking for direction in their quest for fitness development. Modules in Periodization, Olympic Lifting, Cardio Training and Flexibility complement previous learned knowledge to create a comprehensive training background for the students.

Yoga 15/25 

5 Credits

Yoga will safely introduce students to the basic yoga (asanas) postures, breathing techniques, relaxation methods as well as basic anatomy and physiology. In this class, students will learn techniques to help manage stress and anxiety in their daily lives. This class will also help build strength, improve flexibility and help students gain an overall sense of balance through mind and body unification. Along with the physical benefits of a daily yoga practice, students will also begin to explore and understand the historical roots of yoga as an art, science and philosophy. All abilities are welcome.

Yoga 35 

5 Credits

In Yoga 35 students will be safely introduced to more advanced postures while continuing to build on already established yoga practices. Students will further develop an understanding of their own unique needs and limitations through a daily Yoga practice. During the semester, students will engage in a number different yoga styles, breathing techniques and relaxation methods to help deepen a sense balance and well-being in their day to day life as a high school student.

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