Work Experience

Work Experience 15 – 25 – 35

3-15 Credits
Only offered to Grade 12 students

Work experience allows students to gain practical knowledge, enhance their skills, confirm career decisions, and form attitudes that will assist them in their transitions from school to the world of work. The prerequisite course HCS 3000 (Workplace Safety Systems) must be completed before any off campus education credits will be awarded. Existing part-time jobs may be eligible as a work experience placement provided the student can demonstrate new learning is occurring.

The Work Experience program is designed to involve the professional community as an active partner to enhance, support and extend students’ learning experiences. Through this hands-on approach, students can explore, confirm career decisions and develop skills required to make a successful transition from school to the world of work, volunteering, and post-secondary study. Placements can range from after school part-time jobs to unpaid internships at such places as law firms, engineering companies, elementary schools and other professional settings. The students in this program are seeking a placement for 75 to 375 hours.Timetables may be arranged so that students may be available to work/volunteer during the day.

Students entering the workplace or volunteer positions should be prepared to meet the expectations of an employer, especially in terms of work ethic, and expectations specific to the job/volunteer site. The school-based Off-Campus Coordinator will monitor student progress and address any concerns that arise through on-site visits, weekly meetings with the students and telephone/text/email contacts. Students are permitted to use their part-time job as a Work Experience placement if they are being exposed to new learning situations, and their employer supports them in this Off- Campus Experience.

***NOTE: All students will be placed in HCS3000, Workplace Safety Systems. Students are required to complete this 1 credit course before work hours are credited.

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