Oct 10
Weekly Updates are moving!

​We will be posting our Weekly Updates in the News Centre from now on.  The Weekly Update will be called ¡Nuestra Semana!

Sep 28
La semana en Dalhousie

As September comes to a close, I would like to reiterate my admiration for the staff, students, parents and wider Dalhousie School community. As I walk through classrooms, I am struck by the persistence of students and the expertise of teachers as together they engage in complex learning tasks such as learning math in Spanish. This is significant work that requires every bit of support that parents, guardians and family can offer. It is an impressive endeavour.  

El día de la camiseta naranja 

Today is Orange Shirt Day at Dalhousie. The CBE website states “... by observing the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day), we reinforce our dedication to ensuring that the stories of survivors are heard, their pain acknowledged, and their strength celebrated."  Our teachers have engaged students in age-appropriate activities that allow students to learn about the significance of the day. There are several events occurring around the city if you would like to attend one of them. 

Septiembre en Dalhousie 

I'm sure you can imagine that September is a busy month in schools. Throughout the month teachers are making every effort to get to know their students so that they can best meet their learning needs. An important part of this process is Meet the Teacher which took place last week. Teachers are engaged in writing Individual Program Plans for their students with exceptional needs. They may also administer diagnostic tests which allow them to understand each student's learning profile. In addition to this we need to make sure that we are current with changes to curriculum and approaches to teaching. At Dalhousie, this includes second language pedagogy which means that we need to know how to teach language through content and content through language. As you can see, many threads of work occur simultaneously but all serve to support your child's success in school. 

Perros (Dogs) 

Please do not bring your dogs to the school yard. Some of our students are afraid of dogs and we need to ensure that we provide a safe environment for everyone. The City of Calgary Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw (47M2021) states:  

13. (1) The Owner of a dog must ensure that such dog does not enter or remain in or on:  

(a) a School Ground, Playground, Sports Field, Golf Course, Cemetery, Wading or Swimming Area; or  
(b) any other area where dogs are prohibited by posted signs. 

Thank you for your support with this. 

Dalhousie Happenings and Events   

  • Friday, September 29: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - NO SCHOOL 
  • Monday, October 9: Thanksgiving – NO SCHOOL 
  • Tuesday, October 17: Picture Retake Day for Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten only 
  • Wednesday, October 18: Picture Retake Day for Grades 1 – 5 and Monday/Wednesday Kindergarten 
  • Friday, October 20: PD Day – NO SCHOOL for students  

Wishing you a restful weekend, 

Scott Fehr 

Melissa Forsyth 
Assistant Principal​

Sep 22
¡Otro fin de semana!

I would like to thank our parents and guardians for attending Meet the Teacher this week. It is so nice to see our students proudly showing the school to their families. These meetings are critically important for the success of our students. They allow parents to communicate important information about their child to the classroom teacher and they also help build a sense of community. Our Terry Fox Run was another event this week that gave us all an opportunity to participate in a community-building event while contributing to a worthy cause. Thank you all for your generosity. 

Assessing Progress

As we move further into the school year, we are increasing our understanding of students' progress and learning needs. Teachers are already collecting learning artefacts that will help them assess progress in the various subject areas. They will communicate your child's progress to you at our November Student Learning Conferences and in the first report card which you will be able to access at the end of January. Assessment and reporting to parents are ongoing processes that happen at a number of points in the school year. If you feel that you need to discuss your child's progress with their teacher, please reach out to them.  

Traffic Safety 

Our number one priority is always the safety of our students. We ask parents to please follow traffic laws and parking bylaws when dropping off and picking up their children. The parking signs along Dallyn Street are clear. The entire street is a No Parking zone. The Bus Zone, also on Dallyn, is a No Stopping zone. The area on Dallyn outside of the Bus Zone is our Hug and Go area. We ask parents to please drop their children off in the Hug and Go without leaving their vehicles. If you would like to accompany your child into the schoolyard, please do not leave your car on the school side of Dallyn.    

A final note about traffic safety, please go to corners to cross the street. We have many vehicles converging on the school in a 15-minute period twice a day. It is normal that this would cause congestion. Unpredictable actions from cars or pedestrians can be very dangerous in these conditions.  I ask you all to make sure that you are following the rules so that everyone stays safe.  

Dalhousie Happenings and Events   

  • Thursday, September 28: Orange Shirt Day
  • Friday, September 29: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, October 9: Thanksgiving – NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, October 17: Picture Retake Day for Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten only
  • Wednesday, October 18: Picture Retake Day for Grades 1 – 5 and Monday/Wednesday Kindergarten
  • Friday, October 20: PD Day – NO SCHOOL for students
  • October 23 - 26: Swimming for Grades 1 - 3

As always, please call or email if you would like to discuss any of these issues.

Que tengan buen fin de semana!

Scott Fehr 

Melissa Forsyth
Assistant Principal​

Sep 15
¡Feliz viernes á todos!

​We were happy to welcome Ken Larson to Dalhousie this morning to speak to students about Terry Fox and overcoming challenges in life. Ken is a former international level basketball player for Canada and a friend of Terry Fox. Ken told us stories about his friendship with Terry, but also had fun with students throughout his presentation. We are all pumped to run next Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. in our annual Terry Fox Run. Parents are welcome to run with their children.

Thank You to Melissa

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Melissa for her work as Assistant Principal at Dahousie.  I know that she has absorbed a lot of the extra work that comes along when you have a new person in the job who doesn't really know the environment yet.  Melissa knows the community very well and it's clear to me that your kids have been in excellent hands over the years that she has been at Dalhousie.  The community will miss you, Melissa.  Melissa will be at Dalhousie until October 6.  The new Assistant Principal will be in place by October 10.  I will be in this position until that transition is complete, and the principal is in place, likely towards the end of October. I will hire the new Assistant Principal in conjunction with the Area Office.  


We currently have 21 classes. The breakdown is this:

  • Kindergarten: 88 students/4 classes  
  • Grade 1: 78 students/4 classes  
  • Grade 2: 78 students/4 classes  
  • Grade 3: 94 students/4 classes  
  • Grade 4: 79 students/3 classes  
  • Grade 5: 52 students/2 classes  ​

We have 22 teachers on staff, 2 Education Assistants, 10 Lunch Supervisors, Lori and Karin in the office and Maryam in the Learning Commons. The teaching staff is comprised of 19 classroom teachers, the music teacher, the Assistant Principal and the Principal.

Our teaching staff:

Last Name   First Name   Position   Grade  
Alvarado  Amalia  Teacher  1  
Carcamo  Jasmine  Teacher  1  
Fuentes  Liliana  Teacher  1  
Houde  Rachelle  Teacher  1  
Canji  Nubia  Teacher  2  
Mitchell  Katelyn  Teacher  2  
Sala Toledo  Rodrigo  Teacher  2  
Scott  Cory  Teacher  2  
Achang  Galiana  Teacher  3  
Outhet  Danielle  Learning Leader  3  
Paredes  Patricia  Teacher  3  
Wong  Jasmine  Teacher  3  
Flores  Gabriel  Teacher  4  
Sutherland  Jen  Learning Leader  4  
Victoria  Veronica  Teacher  4  
Dominguez  Paloma  Teacher  5  
Liendo  Jeanne  Teacher  5  
Fredette  Erika  Teacher  K  
Tugle  Jennifer  Teacher  K  
Primak  Olga  Teacher  Music  
Agirreurreta Etxezarreta  Arantxa  Teacher  Spanish Visiting Teacher  
Oviedo Aceves  Carmela  Teacher  Spanish Visiting Teacher ​
Forsyth  Melissa  Assistant Principal    
Fehr  Scott  Principal    

Our support staff:

Last Name   First Name   Position  
Aleem  Fathema  Lunch Supervisor  
Bashir  Rifat  Lunch Supervisor  
Borda  Adriana  Education Assistant  
Boychuk  Karin  Receptionist/Lunch Supervisor  
Brown  Lacey  Lunch Supervisor  
Bunes  Maria  Education Assistant  
Burrage  Lori  Administrative Assistant  
Carumba  Veronica  Lunch Supervisor  
Castillo Castillo  Rubi  Lunch Supervisor  
Hou  Fawen (Sam)  Facility Operator  
Masroor  Zobaria  Lunch Supervisor  
McRae  Jean  Lunch Supervisor  
Mirza  Maryam  Library Assistant  
Partridge  Kim  Lead Lunch  
Sabir  Zainab  Lunch Supervisor  
Wang  Zhiren  Facility Assistant  

We may have some dollars available in our decentralized budget to increase our staff over the next couple of weeks. We are waiting for our registration numbers to stabilize. At that point we will make a decision about the use of our decentralized budget.

Change to Lunch Shifts

We are introducing a change to the organization of our lunch hour beginning Tuesday, September 19th

The change: The outcome we need to achieve is adequate supervision both inside and outside, specifically two supervisors on the playground at all times.  This change will not impact instructional hours.  It will impact the time some students eat.  All Grade 1 – 5 students will go out to play for the first half of lunch, and then eat the second half of lunch.  Kindergarten will eat first, and play second.   Eight of our Lunch Supervisors will supervise the Grade 1 – 5 students, two supervisors will look after our Kindergarten students.  Kindergarten students will eat from 12:30 – 12:54, then play outside until 1:17.  Grade 1 – 5 students will play outside from 12:30 – 12:54, then eat from 12:54 – 1:17.

The rationale: Your noon hour supervision fees allow us to have 10 Lunch Supervisors.  It is currently difficult to supervise the students eating lunch (inside the school) with fewer than six Lunch Supervisors.  This is because of the layout of the school and the classrooms. This leaves only four Lunch Supervisors for outside. If we have two Lunch Supervisors on the playground at all times, it is not possible to supervise adequately the rest of the supervision area with only two Lunch Supervisors.  We will also have more eyes on students during the transition from playing to eating because Lunch Supervisors will not be pulled in different directions for the transition period halfway through lunch. In this scenario, 380 Grade 1 – 5 students would be supervised by 8 Lunch Supervisors.  For Grade 1 – 5, this is an acceptable supervision ratio (47.5:1) in an unstructured setting with good sight lines.  This will also allow us to have two supervisors supervising two classes that are in close proximity during the eating period.  

The impact: The result is that Kindergarten students will eat 24 minutes earlier than they have been up to now.  Grades 3 – 5 will be eating 24 minutes later that they have been up to now.  Grade 1 – 2 students will have access to the playground at lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Grade 3 – 5 will have access to the playground on Tuesday and Thursday.   In addition to this, we will open up the third soccer field so that there is more room for kids to play.   Our supervision area will look like this now:


Chinook Learning Services | Continuing Education | Spanish for Parents - Level 1 | Fall 2023

By helping parents, we help our CBE learners. Chinook Learning Services offers courses specifically designed for parents and caregivers of CBE Spanish Bilingual students. For Fall 2023, Chinook Learning Services is once again offering Spanish for Parents – Level 1 classes. This eight-week course will help parents of bilingual students learn or refresh their Spanish language skills, build their network of bilingual parents and support their children's learning at home. This course would also be beneficial for any Support Staff who are interested in learning along with parents!  

Dalhousie Happenings and Events

  • ​September 15: Conference Manager opens Friday, September 15, 7:00 a.m. for Meet the Teacher. 
  • September 15: Terry Fox Presentation in the gym for students
  • September 20: Terry Fox Run
    • ​Assembly at 1:45
    • Parents are welcome to join outside at 2:00.
  • ​September 21 – 22: Meet the Teacher. 
    • ​Thursday from 5:00 – 7:00 and Friday from 9:00 – 1:00 
    • Ten-minute slots
    • Thanks to your generosity, teachers will eat together at 4:15 on Thursday. 
  • September 28: Orange Shirt Day   
  • ​September ​29: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - NO SCHOOL

​As always, please call or email if you would like to discuss any of these issues.

Que tengan buen fin de semana! 

​ ​

Scott Fehr 

Melissa Forsyth 
Assistant Principal 

Sep 08
¡El fin de semana!

We had a great first week at Dalhousie School!  This morning we capped it off with our Asamblea de Bienvenida, our Welcome Back Assembly.  Your kids are well-behaved, respectful, and it's obvious they love their teachers.  Sra. Primak put together a great program in which we sang and danced together.  We also reviewed school expectations and introduced the school staff to students.  Your kids are very fortunate to be part of this learning community. 

Morning Entry 

As you know we have made a change to our morning entry routine.  We would like to share with you our experience and some suggestions that may help.   There are three key moments in the process that we would like to clarify: 

8:50 – Our outside supervision period begins. We have five teachers or Education Assistants outside to provide supervision.  Miss Karin supervises the bus drop-off area as well.   You may drop your children off at this time or any time before 9:05 a.m.  Please ensure that your child reaches our supervision area.  

Older children will have no problem reaching the supervision area.  Younger children may have trouble reaching the area at first, so please ensure that you bring them into the area.  Each class has a meeting spot where their teacher, or a teacher that they know, will pick them up and take them inside. It may help if you take them to this location. The students know where these spots are.  If they do not know, don't hesitate to approach any adult in an orange vest.  Having said this, students are not required to go immediately to the meeting area. They may play first and go to the spot when it is closer to 9:00.   As soon as you have dropped your child off, you may choose to stay or to leave.  

9:00 a.m. – A bell will ring.  Students may begin entering the building.  Teachers go outside to pick up their classes and take them inside.  If students have not yet arrived at school or have not reached the meeting spot, no problem, they have until 9:05 to enter the school.  While teachers are picking up their classes, the teachers/EAs who began supervision at 8:50, are still supervising our supervision area.  These teachers/EAs sweep towards the school ensuring that no students are outside and enter the building at 9:05. 

9:05 a.m. - A bell will ring.  The compound doors are closed (as close to 9:05 as we can make it.)  If students arrive after 9:05, students must go around to the front doors of the school where they will receive a late slip and then go to class.  Our morning supervisors have now entered the building to go begin their teaching day so parents must ensure that their children enter through the front doors to start their day. 

There is a designated area in front of the school called the “Hug-and-Go" zone where you may drop off your children and then vacate the spot for another parent. This area is more useful if your children can reach the supervision area on their own. 

Important Dates 

  • Monday, September 11 – Picture Day (Grades 1 – 5, Mon/Wed Kindergarten) 
  • Tuesday, September 12 – Picture Day (Tues/Thurs Kindergarten) 
  • Wednesday, September 13 - School Council/Parent Society, 6:00 p.m. online (link to come) 
  • Friday, September 15 – Terry Presentation in gym for students. 
  • September 21/22 - Meet the Teacher (more information to follow next week) 

Que tengan buen fin de semana! 

Scott Fehr

Melissa Forsyth 
Assistant Principal 

Aug 31
¡Buenas tardes familias de Dalhousie!

We had a great first day of school today!  I was so impressed with the students' enthusiasm to learn.  They are so polite and well behaved.  I saw kids engaged in school work in every class I was able to visit today!  It was also a pleasure meeting many of you today when you dropped off your students.  What a kind and welcoming school community.


We value timely and transparent communication.  If you have questions about your child's learning, the operation of the school or anything else that impacts your child's experience at Dalhousie, please don't hesitate to call or email your child's teacher or the office.​

On that note, we have had trouble with our phone lines and it has affected our voicemail.  If you have left a voicemail for the office staff or for me and have not received a response, your message may have been lost because of the disruption. Our voicemail is now working properly and we will be able to hear messages from now on.

Morning Entry

Melissa Forsyth, the Assistant Principal, and I have had the opportunity to review school processes with teachers and as a result we have made some changes to our morning entry processes.  You may drop your child off at 8:50 a.m. as usual.  Busses will arrive at school at the usual time as well.  Rather than have the students come into the school immediately, we will have them stay outside to play until 9:00 a.m.  At that time, a bell will ring and students will line up in preparation for entering the building before 9:05 a.m. and then transitioning to the classroom for instruction beginning at 9:05 a.m. or shortly after.  We will provide outdoor supervision from 8:50 - 9:05. Their classroom teacher will discuss this process with them tomorrow and show them where their class will be lining up.

We will begin this routine on Tuesday morning, September 5.  Tomorrow morning, Friday, September 1, all teachers will be outside to greet their students in a manner similar to this morning. If the weather is inclement we will bring the students inside beginning at 8:50 a.m.

A bit more about me

I have been an educator since 1989 and retired from Westgate School as Principal in 2021.  Most of my experience has been in the French Immersion program, but languages are my passion (along with cycling) and so I'm eagerly learning Spanish and looking forward to speaking Spanish with your children over the coming weeks.  My experience has spanned all of the grade levels in both the French and Spanish programs.  A highlight of my career was overseeing the transition of the Spanish Bilingual program from Westgate to Glen Meadows. 

In closing, I would like to thank you for your warm welcome this morning. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks working with you, your children and the staff of Dalhousie. 


Scott Fehr

Jun 29
Adios Amigos!

What a wonderful year we had at Dalhousie School.  This year was full of dynamic and creative school activities, spirit and challenge days, field trips, assemblies, performances, concerts and school tours to prospective families.

We thank our teaching staff for creating such an authentic, caring and safe learning environment for our students, and for providing them with incredible and memorable new experiences throughout the school year. We could have not done this without our support staff who always aid students, teachers and administrators diligently. Lastly, we really appreciate the fundraising efforts of our Parent Society because your continuous financial assistance helped us carrying out a remarkable year.

We would also like to thank all the incredible students here at Dalhousie School.  Your enthusiasm, eagerness, and love for learning in two languages has helped make this school a great place!

To our Grade 5 students, esto no es un adiós, es un hasta luego (we shall not say good bye but see you soon). You were always be Dalhousie Ambassadors and we are confident that your backpack is filled with the tools you need to succeed in the future that is ahead of you. We wish you well in your new school ventures.

On behalf of all the Dalhousie staff, we wish all of our families a great summer break full of health and happiness.


Sr. Jeff Belcher
Acting Principal


Sr. Darren Toews
Acting Assistant Principal

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