Nov 30
Discovering Choices Outreach Schools open for in-person learning

Discovering Choices Outreach Schools

On November 24th, 2020, the Government of Alberta placed mandatory restrictions on residents to help prevent the spread of Covid19. Education was included in these restrictions with students in grades 7-12 moving to online learning as of November 30th.

We have recently learned that Outreach Education is exempt from these restrictions and Discovering Choices can continue with in person learning.

The staff at Discovering Choices appreciates the continued efforts that our students are making to keep our school and our community safe. We are living through unusual times and we know that some of you/our students are nervous about coming into school.

Your education and health are important to us and we want to provide flexible learning options to keep you connected to school and learning in a way that meets your comfort level during our City/Provincial mandatory restrictions. These restrictions are in place until January 11th, 2020.

Starting Monday, November 30th, Discovering Choices will offer:

1)      In-person learning: You are welcome to attend school during your scheduled cohort times.

2)      Learning Package: You are welcome to come into school during your cohort time, meet with your teacher and receive school work for the duration of the mandatory restrictions. When meeting with your teacher, you will decide together how you will best connect when you need assistance with your assignments. Some options include a phone call, email, or through Google Meets.

​3)      Virtual Blended Option: If you have access to technology, you can access assignments by email, or by accessing your teacher's D2L shell. You can have ongoing contact with your teacher through phone calls, email, or through Google Meets.

As we are offering several options to support your learning, please know that if you choose to work from home it will be necessary to pre-arrange times to have individual contact with your teacher because your teacher will also be supporting in-person learning.

Your sense of well being is important to us. If you are struggling with your mental health or with community resourcing please reach out to our staff as we are also available to support your social/emotional needs.



Kris Reinhardt


Discovering Choices/West View School

403 777-6107 


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