Jul 11
Thank you for a wonderful school year!

We have much to celebrate this year! 

First, thank you to our staff, students, and families for your contributions towards a successful school year. It has been a wonderful year of learning and growth. We are incredibly proud of the progress all our students have made. 

Some highlights from this year include our Storytelling Residency, a return to music concerts with Mr. Anderson, multi-age group activities bringing together all our students, excellent learning in our classrooms, and completing the fundraising for our new playground that will be built this summer. 

Each year brings new opportunities for our students and staff. We wish all our grade 5 students well in their transition into middle school and wish our leaving staff well in their new adventures.  

We are excited to welcome the following new and returning staff for the 2023-24 school year. Class lists will be finalized when teachers return in August. Families can expect a welcome email from their child's classroom teacher on Tuesday, August 29, introducing themselves and explaining first day of school procedures. 

We plan to start 2023-24 with the following staff: 

  • Kindergarten – Mrs. Chan, Mrs. Garneau, and Mrs. Vilaysane 
  • Grade One – Mrs. Bielefeld and Mrs. Haggard 
  • Grade Two – Mrs. Otterson, Mrs. Christensen, Mrs. Stewart, and Ms. Post 
  • Grade Three – Mrs. Krieger, Mrs. Blais, Mrs. Shaw 
  • Grade Four – Ms. Audette, Ms. Kesler, and Ms. Koehler 
  • Grade Five – Ms. Field and Ms. Nagai 
  • Music – Mr. Anderson 
  • Library – Ms. Perry 
  • Educational Assistants – Ms. Duquette, Ms. Mack and Ms. Self 
  • Office – Heather McKay, Monique Koleyak, Sue Naylor, Debbie Bigden 
  • Lunchroom – Mrs. Imach, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Melanson, Mrs. Rathwall 
  • Facility Operator – Mr. Mike 

Thank you for a memorable school year together. We are already looking forward to the next school year, which will be even better! We will be starting back with a new playground and our teams are already working on new and exciting plans for learning activities and community events.  

Families can access up to date information about back-to-school on our website. Our school office will open on August 28th at 9:00 am. 

Wishing you a happy summer! ​

Heather McKay

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  @dds346cbe and @ddsschoolcouncil  

Upcoming Dates: 

  • July 25 & 26 Playground Build – Sign up to help here 
  • August 28 DDS office opens 
  • August 29 Teacher emails sent via School Messenger to Families 
  • August 29 Central Fee Waiver Application Opens 
  • August 31 School Resumes 


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