The Scarlett Commitment

The basis for our discipline and behavior policy and expectations at Scarlett is our School Climate Commitment:

  • Respect Interaction 
  • Purposeful Movement and Involvement 
  • Responsibility for Self and Surroundings

We believe that if we all demonstrate Respect, Purpose, and Responsibility, there will be little need for discipline. If a situation occurs where there does need to be a consequence, we try to be fair and reasonable. Our consequences may include community service (hours that students give back to the school doing tasks), contracts, suspensions, and/or ultimately recommendation for expulsion for severe infractions. Our main goal is to work with our students, to try to treat each case on an individual basis, and to filter our expectations and our consequences through CBE-AR 6006-Progressive Student Discipline, CBE-AR 6007-Suspension and Expulsion, while considering our motto that our school is “A place of humane learning.”

Students with Spares

When using preparation/study time, please be considerate of classes in session. You will:

  • Work in the learning commons; the learning commons is not a place for visiting
  • Complete homework or study in the cafeteria
  • Leave the school on personal business
  • Not loiter in foyers and back hallway entrances.
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