Fun Lunches

We remain a closed campus at lunchtime, meaning parents should not be coming to the school to have lunch with their student(s). We want to remind families that students need to bring their lunch, bring money to spend on food at the local mini-mall, or have food ordered through Healthy Hunger. Moreover, as a reminder, Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, etc., ordering and delivery are not welcome at Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School. We aren’t resourced to manage additional deliveries in the main office, and we can’t be responsible for misdirected food. Orders will be returned to the delivering restaurant. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Fun Lunches:

  • April 5 Golden Bell Vietnamese Restaurant
  • April 12 Cedars Deli
  • April 19 The Chopped Leaf
  • April 26 Mr. Sub

Lastly, please note we do not keep student lunches past the day they were expected to pick up their food. We do not have the resources or space to hold and distribute food after lunchtime. Also, we cannot be responsible for keeping food past its intended serving time because we risk contamination, food spoilage, and food poisoning. Food not claimed on the delivery date will be given to Food Bank and/or thrown out. No refunds will be given.

Order from Healthy Hunger.

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