Drama is about exploring theatre and drama in many forms, which includes performance, acting, improv, technical design and production, touring, and attending festivals and professional productions. Students can enroll in courses in the timetable or audition for courses outside of the regular timetable.

Drama 10-20-30

Drama 10, 20 and 30 are 5-credit courses that are taken within the regular timetable, and are designed to be enjoyable and challenging. Students will develop the skills to confidently present in front of a group, learn and engage with complex text, and become strong leaders in a variety of group settings.

Drama 10 is designed to give students a chance to collaborate creatively with other students and to take artistic risks in a supportive and positive environment. Students will focus on the development of performance skills; based on participation, collaboration and a genuine willingness to take risks, no previous drama experience is required.

Drama 20 is designed to give students a chance to continue to grow and develop through positive artistic experiences. Students will build on and apply these skills into performance-based assignments, such as collective creation, scene work, and playwriting. Students will have the opportunity to act in one-act plays performed for a public audience.

Drama 30 is an opportunity for self-discovery and independence. Students will continue to develop dramatic skills to create group projects, with a focus on the role of the director and playwright in creating theatre. Students will have an opportunity to direct one-act plays performed for a public audience.

Theatre Productions

At. Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School, students also have the opportunity to earn credits through working on our after school drama productions. Students can earn credits in Advanced Acting, Technical Theatre and/or Directing, and can earn up to 5 credits in each stream each year. All of this work is done outside of the regular timetable, and students are registered by the teacher in a J-block (after school) course. There are two major productions each year: one in December and one in April/May. Students do not have to take Drama as a class in order to audition for Theatre Productions. 

Advanced Acting 15-25-35

Students who earn an acting role in one or both of the productions earn credits in Advanced Acting. The course encompasses the entire rehearsal and performance process. Students in Advanced Acting learn about rehearsal procedures, performance skills, character development, and script analysis in an entirely hands-on, performance-based class.

Technical Theatre 15-25-35

Technical Theatre credits are awarded to students who choose to work on any of the technical elements of the school’s productions. These include stage management, lighting and sound design and operation, set and prop construction, and costume design and construction. Students learn about the processes and choices that go into designing for theatre, and have the opportunity to create work that is used in our school productions.

Directing 25-30

Students in grade twelve have the opportunity to direct one-act plays for the spring production, and/or assistant direct the fall production, earning credits in Directing. As part of this course, students learn how to choose a play, make directorial choices, and lead actors in the culmination of a fully produced play.

Fine & Performing Arts Certificate

Art, drama, music or dance students who are interested in obtaining the CBE Fine & Performing Arts Certificate must acquire 30 credits with emphasis in the core fine arts. In addition, they will enroll in the independent course – Leadership in the Arts 35. Topics of study include developing portfolios, critiques and mentorship with professional artists. 

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