Work Experience 15/25/35


Credits: 3-15

Course Fee: N/A

Course Prerequisite: Workplace Safety Systems (HCS 3000)

Work Experience provides students with experiential learning activities and opportunities to:

• apply, in the workplace, knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through other coursework

• discover career interests and aptitudes in meaningful work activities

• further personal development, career planning and employability skills

 The Work Experience teacher in collaboration with the student and employer, determine the learning outcomes on a Student Learning Plan.

 Students working toward their High School Certificate of Achievement are required to complete 125 hours of Work Experience.  Students who are working toward their Alberta High School Diploma and in need of additional credits may be eligible for Work Experience.


Registered Apprenticeship Program

Prerequisite: HCS3000 Workplace Safety Systems, HCS3010 Workplace Safety Practices may also be required.

The Registered Apprenticeship Program is an apprenticeship program for high school students that allows them to complete their Alberta High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement while logging hours towards their apprenticeship.  Apprenticeship training is a combination of on-the-job training, work experience and technical training in a trade.  Students may begin as early as the summer following grade 10. They may find an employer to sponsor their apprenticeship on their own or they may apply to CAREERS.  CAREERS is an organization that works with Alberta schools to connect students to employers for paid internships. Students may register as an apprentice with Apprenticeship and Industry Training and when the employer agrees to sponsor their apprenticeship, they may earn up to 40 Registered Apprentice credits toward graduation. Candidates must be on track to graduate, attend school regularly and have a positive attitude.  Eligible students will receive the High School Apprenticeship Scholarship ($1000).

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