Nov 13
November Principal's Message

The school year is well under way and the students and staff continue to follow guidelines and protocols associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. I am very pleased with how the students have adjusted to the new routines and have been supportive of one another in following our safety steps.  Hearing students check for washroom occupants, or remind their friends of the direction to travel in the halls, are daily occurrences and are conveyed with kindness and caring for each other.

Teaching and learning during a pandemic challenges all of us to look for new ways to do some of the things we plan for during the school year. This year’s Halloween activities took on a very different look and the day was one that students and staff all enjoyed. Thank you to our School Council for providing several pumpkins for each classroom. Everyone enjoyed starting the day with a pumpkin hunt in Whispering Woods. Once the pumpkins were found, classes used the pumpkins in a variety of ways. Predicting weight, estimating how many seeds were inside, and the circumference, were fun math activities students engaged in.  Finishing the day with an outside costume parade was a great end to the day.
I am inspired by the continuous efforts of our students to come to school eager to learn, showing perseverance and determination when facing new and challenging tasks.  The CBC Music Challenge has been one of the learning activities that students, and teachers, have had to adjust. Mr. O’Reilly has been working with the students to prepare for filming day on November 19. Having to maintain physical distance, practice in classrooms, and limits around singing and musical instruments, have been challenging to navigate, however the students have continued to practice their part for the Music Challenge submission. I am looking forward to listening to the final piece.

Our months are not nearly as busy as our pre-COVID days when our students were taking part in field trips, group projects and special events. Volunteers were frequent visitors in our school, supporting home reading, fun lunches and special activities. We miss you all and look forward to the time we can once again welcome you into the school to support the teaching and learning in our little school. 

The school is quieter although there are a few events I wanted to highlight that have taken place, or are upcoming this month. On November 10, we held a virtual Remembrance Day assembly. Our grade five and six students with the support of Mr. O’ Reilly honored the men and women who have served Canada in times of war, military conflict and peace in a solemn and respectful ceremony. Our Kindergarten students concluded the assembly with a song about the poppy.  We will be planning for more virtual assemblies and hope to invite families to attend assemblies, virtually of course, in the future. 
Parent Teacher conferences are taking place virtually on November 19 and 20. These conferences are an opportunity to talk with the teacher about your child’s learning progress. Online conference bookings will open up on November 14 for parents to book their conference times with the teachers.
We will be holding a spirit day for everyone on November 25. This spirit day will give students, and staff, a small opportunity to don a favorite sport team jersey, their own jersey, or their Dr. Coffin hoodie or T-shirt, and come together as a learning community and show our spirit.  We look forward to having a fun day to cheer! 

I want to continue to extend my sincerest gratitude and the appreciation of our staff to all our families. Your ongoing support for the staff, and the teaching and learning that happens at Dr. E. W. Coffin School is truly cherished. 

​Take care and stay safe!
Together in Education, 


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