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Wednesday Principal Update - January 18

​Dear DGS Families,  

Our first week back has been very productive. Students and teachers have settled into routines really well. As an experiment, I tried using emerging ChatGPT Technology to generate one section of my weekly principal’s message. Can you spot the topic that was written by AI? (And I will definitely see the irony and humour if that’s your favourite part of my message!) With so much talk about the potential impact of ChatGPT on academic integrity, it’s important for us as adults to experiment with what’s possible. Our teachers will continue to have conversations with students about how to leverage new and emerging technologies ethically and appropriately. 


DGS Badminton Try-out Schedule  

Please see the attachment for all the details for grades 6-9 badminton try-outs schedules this month. As a reminder, our Badminton and Basketball Seasons have been switched, so as to ensure we have sufficient referees for the 2023 basketball season.  



Toy Mountain     

We are pleased to announce that our 2022 Toy Mountain cash donations totaled $297.60. Thank you so much for your generosity! 


Stay Safe, Stay Off Storm Ponds 

Before heading outside to play this winter, The City of Calgary wants to remind all of us to be safe while enjoying outdoor skating.  City of Calgary and community-designated outdoor skating rinks are open, offering fun, free skating for all skill levels. Rinks maintained by The City are checked daily for ice thickness and quality, and surfaces are flooded as needed to make sure they’re safe for skating. 

Prior to lacing up, it’s important to remember that not all ice surfaces are safe. While our community storm ponds may look inviting, the City of Calgary wants to remind us that recreational activities are not allowed on them. 

Storm ponds play an important role, providing protection from overland flooding while returning cleaner water back to the river, but they have hidden hazards that make them dangerous to people and pets. Rapidly changing water levels cause unstable air gaps and quickly changing depths. The ponds also have sediment and contaminants (e.g., bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides, vehicle fluids, metals and road salt) that are collected as water travels across properties, streets, and roads that can weaken the ice. That’s why it’s not safe to skate, walk or play on storm ponds. 


Social Media Safety 

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to connect with others, share information and ideas, and express oneself creatively. However, it's important for adolescents to understand the importance of being safe and responsible while using social media. Adolescents should be educated about the potential risks of sharing personal information, posting inappropriate content, and interacting with strangers online. They should also be reminded of the importance of privacy settings and how to use them effectively. It's also important for adolescents to understand the potential consequences of cyberbullying and to be aware of the resources available if they or someone they know is a victim. Parents and caregivers can play a vital role in promoting social media safety by monitoring their child's online activity, having open and honest conversations about online behavior, and setting guidelines for social media use. It's also important for adolescents to learn to balance their online and offline life, and to take breaks from technology. 


Keeping Sick Students Home     

We ask that if your child is sick, please keep them home from school, as we want to see all of our community make it through cold and flu season safely. Please continue to phone or email the school each day that your child will be absent, with the reason for the absence (examples: illness, medical appointment, etc.). Teachers will continue to post assignment basics in Google Classroom by 4:00 each day for students to access.  


Got Lunch?   

We remain a closed campus at lunchtime. We want to remind families that students need to bring their lunch or have it ordered through Healthy Hunger for distribution through the servery. We do have a variety of lower cost items for purchase at the server including Cheese Buns, Ham and Cheeses Buns, and Chocolate Chip Buns from Glamorgan Bakery. Hot water is available for soup through the servery. We are not able to provide access to microwaves for student use. As a reminder, we are not able to receive Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc. in the main office. The driver will be asked to return the delivery to the restaurant.   

Upcoming Dates:       

January 26  

  • Grade 9 Tours of Joane Cardinal Schubert  

January 30  

  • Report Cards released for viewing in PowerSchool  

January 31  

  • School Council and Parent Fundraising Society Meetings  

February 2  

  • Winter Concert  

February 3  

  • Professional Learning Day (no school for students)  

February 8  

  • Grade 6 Open House for Parents (6:00pm in Learning Commons)  

February 10 

  • Cut-off for ordering Yearbooks 

February 16  

  • Teacher’s Convention (no school for students)  

February 17    

  • Teacher’s Convention (no school for students)  

February 20  

  • Family Day (school closed)  


As always, please feel free to contact me at csmalette@cbe.ab.ca OR 403 817 3556.     


Chantal Malette  

Principal, Dr. George Stanley School ​


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